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Salpointe Board of Directors and Subcommittees

The Board of Directors is a committee of up to 18 members serving as the policy making body for the school. Membership consists of up to four representatives of the Carmelite community and at least 10 members of the community at large. As trustees for the Carmelite Order, this Board oversees the administration of the school, makes policies affecting all areas of school operations, oversees its financial well-being and plans extensively for the future. The Board of Directors are Rev. Thomas Batsis, O.Carm., Dr. Jody Comstock, Mr. Richard Elias - Secretary, Ms. Karen A. Farrell, Very Rev. William Harry, O.Carm., Prior Provincial, Rev. Paul Henson, O.Carm., Mr. Joe Higgins, Mr. David Hutchens, Mr. Jim Komadina, Dr. Phil Lacovara, Mr. Pat P. Lopez III - Vice Chair, Mr. Larry McDonough - Legal Counsel, Mr. Omar Mireles, Rev. Ron Oakham, O.Carm., Ms. Barbara Peck, Dr. Joaquin Ruiz, Mr. Michael A. Slania - Chair, Mr. David Smallhouse, Mrs. Kay Sullivan, Ms. Patricia Taylor, Sr. Helen Timothy, IBVM.

Subcommittees of the Board of Directors

The Academic Committee reviews the overall learning progress via objective metrics and supports the principal in refining academic requirements. 

The Strategic Planning Committee conducts an annual evaluation of the leadership of the school and creates the vision for Salpointe's present and future strategic plans.

The Marketing/Communications Committee advises the head of school and director of development in matters pertaining to public relations, communications and marketing at the school. The committee evaluates relevant strategies, reviews policy and practices, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The Campaign Development Committee is an ad hoc committee of the Board that plans for the school’s future capital needs including Campaign Salpointe. After several years of planning by a wide range of community professionals and with the approval of the Planned Area Development (PAD) by the City of Tucson, Campaign Salpointe commenced in 2010-11 with a feasibility study.

The Finance Committee advises the Head of School regarding all matters pertaining to the financial management of the school. It also develops short-term and long-term financial planning, reviews policy and practices and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. 

The Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting candidates for membership on the Board of Directors.

Building and Grounds Committee regularly reviews the physical status of all school real property and supports facilities in development of strategic maintenance and renovation plans and budgeting.