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Your contribution through a Tuition Support Organization ensures that our students who qualify for tuition assistance will successfully complete their four-year journey to graduation day.

Arizona School Tuition Tax Credits

New, higher contribution limits make your support for our student more valuable than ever!

Up to $2062 for a couple filing jointly and $1031 for an individual can become a tax credit on your 2013 return, as long as it doesn’t exceed your annual tax liability. Don't forget to make the contribution by April 15, 2014.

The state of Arizona created the Arizona School Tuition Tax Credit in 1997, allowing Arizona taxpayers to designate a portion of their tax liability for educational purposes. Taxpayers receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for contributions. Salpointe participates as a recipient of this tax credit opportunity through many Tuition Support Organizations (STOs). The sole purpose of tuition tax credit funds is to provide tuition assistance for financially needy students.

Over the past five years the Arizona Tax Credit has provided students in need with tuition assistance in the amount of $5,531,357. This year, Salpointe will assist families with over $1.7M in tuition assistance raised through corporate and individual tuition tax credit contributions, the school’s Financial Aid Endowment and the generosity of private donors. The school provides between 15% and 65% of a student’s tuition expenses based on need as ascertained by an independent third party evaluation; families must make the commitment to be responsible for the remainder.

Contributions may be made by mail or online through the following STOs:

Make sure to designate Salpointe as the beneficiary!    

Catholic Tuition Support Organization (CTSO) 520-838-2558
Click here for CTSO brochure. To make your contribution to CTSO via credit card or check, click here. To schedule an Electronic Fund Transfer (ETF) payment plan to CTSO, click here.

Arizona Leadership Foundation   
Arizona Leadership Foundation (ALF)  928-231-2122

Arizona School Choice Trust (ASCT)  623-414-3429


Institute for Better Education (IBE)  520-512-5438


Tuition Organization for Private Schools for Kids (TOPS for Kids)  480-414-8677


Click here for a complete list of School Tuition Organizations (STOs) certified to receive contributions for the individual income tax credit.