Letter to Salpointe Families

August 25, 2022

Dear Lancer Families,

The 2022-23 school year is off to a great start! Students are busy learning in classes, playing on teams, performing on stage and enjoying extracurriculars. Thank you for your partnership as we begin another successful year.

Please see important information below regarding Salpointe’s service program, our newly launched Rise Above fire fund and Arizona’s ESA program expansion. 

We are grateful for the Salpointe community and look forward to seeing you on campus this year!


Kay Sullivan   Ardemis Martin
President         Principal

Please join us for Back to School Night on Monday, August 29 from 5-7:30 pm in Foundation Hall. President Kay Sullivan and Principal Ardemis Martin will make brief presentations, followed by a fun evening following your student's daily class schedule and meeting his/her teachers. Please bring a printed copy of your student’s class schedule.

The Service Program at Salpointe Catholic is part of our holistic approach to education. As we pray and come together as a community, we are called to follow the example of serving others as modeled by Jesus. Community service is part of that call. It provides a caring connection to others. Studies have also shown that being of service to others provides enormous personal growth benefits emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Over the last couple of years we have made adjustments to the Service Program, providing flexibility for students in completing hours and providing more flexibility as a  resource for agencies/institutions that need volunteers in our local community.

Starting this school year, students are required to complete ten (10) hours of service annually. Most students will go beyond this requirement and, just as we at Salpointe recognize students for high academic, athletic and other achievements, we will also recognize students who consistently reflect the Carmelite charism of service.

In order to monitor student service hours and to communicate opportunities to serve, Salpointe uses an online program called x2VOL. Click this link to learn more information about the Service Program as printed in the Parent/Student Handbook.  Also continue to check the Weekly Peek, as we will also include requests from outside organizations looking for volunteers. Contact Mr. Hayes (phayes@salpointe.org) with any questions.

Salpointe Catholic is grateful for the calls, notes and prayers we’ve received since the fire on campus on July 17. While the 700 English wing of the school was destroyed and other buildings suffered from significant smoke, water and electrical damage, we were thankful that no one was hurt. Remediation efforts began immediately and we welcomed 1270 students back to school on August 15.

Many of you have asked how you can help. The outpouring of love and generosity has warmed our hearts and strengthened our resolve as we recover from this senseless crime. Salpointe Catholic intends to “rise above” this challenge, think big and take this opportunity to rebuild … and to build for the future. In response to your many offers of assistance, we are creating the Rise Above fund. While insurance will cover most restoration and reconstruction costs, we plan to replace the 700 English wing with dynamic new learning spaces, meeting both the immediate and long term needs of our Lancers, and enhancing Salpointe’s bright future.

Please consider making a gift to Rise Above. Your support will ensure that we don’t just survive this setback, but that we thrive and reach new heights together. Please donate here. Your tax-deductible gift of any amount is most appreciated. Thank you for your faithfulness and dedication to Salpointe Catholic High School!

As you may know, the State of Arizona signed into law the Empowerment Scholarship Account Program expansion (H.B. 2853), which allows for all students throughout Arizona to receive an ESA Scholarship. The average scholarship is $6000-6500. 

Please note: The program expansion is not yet guaranteed. If opposition to this bill secures enough signatures by September 23, the ESA Expansion bill will be put on hold and voted on in the 2024 election. If the ESA Expansion bill does go into effect on September 24, families will be able to use ESA funds to pay 2022-23 tuition. Contact Theresa Lehrling at (520) 547-9366 or accountmgmt@salpointe.org with questions.

Here are some helpful Q & A:

Are you already receiving ESA funds? If so, you are already enrolled in the program and do not need to take any action.

Are you corporate tax credit qualified? If so, the new ESA program may not be in your best interest. You may have more funding available through corporate tax credits than through the $6000-6500 ESA amount.

Do you receive more than $6000 in recommended tax credits? If so, the new ESA program is not in your best interest. You may have more funding available through corporate tax credits than through the $6000-6500 ESA amount.

Have you already applied for tax credit scholarships or other financial aid? You should accept those funds in the event that the ESA bill is put on hold. 

Please note: Students cannot receive funds through both FAIR/tax credits and ESA scholarships. Families should secure all needed tax credit scholarships until they know whether they are approved to receive an ESA scholarship. Additionally, if your ESA application is approved and you have already secured tax credit scholarships, you must notify Salpointe that you plan to use ESA funds instead of tax credits for the 2022-23 school year.

CLICK HERE to apply for an ESA scholarship. Here are some suggestions to complete the application:
  • You will need to create an account.  When you create your account, you will receive an email to “Activate your ADEConnect account.”
  • Set your password.
  • Click “Applications.”
  • Click “ESA Applicant Portal.”
  • Click the green “Create New Application” button.
  • For the application, here are some notes:
    • Which of the following would you like to designate as your primary eligibility? Choose “Universal: All students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade (with or without a disability, no other criteria required)”
    • You will need to upload your students birth certificate
    • You will need to upload proof of Arizona residency (name must match applicant name). Upload ONE of the following:
      • Real estate deed or mortgage documents
      • Property tax bill
      • Residential lease or rental agreement
      • Water, electric, gas, cable or phone bill
      • W-2 statement
Please note: Applications under the universal category will be temporarily placed on hold until September 24, the anticipated effective date of the program expansion. If and when the legislation takes effect, the Department of Education will begin approving applications and sending contracts to families. Contact Theresa Lehrling at (520) 547-9366 or accountmgmt@salpointe.org with questions.

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