Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The application process at Salpointe Catholic is designed to be as simple as possible to the prospective parent. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions, primarily for our Incoming Freshmen Students.

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  • When can I see the school?

    If you would like a personalized tour of the campus, please call Salpointe's Admissions Office at 520-547-4460 or send an email to
  • How do I apply for admission to Salpointe Catholic?

    All interested students must complete our online application form. CLICK HERE and select the “Create an Account” option.  If you already have a student at Salpointe Catholic or are alumni of Salpointe Catholic, please use the “Already have an Account” option.  Once you apply, an online checklist will be created for your student.
  • What criteria are used to select Salpointe Catholic students?

    First and foremost, the entrance exam is of critical importance. The entrance exam score is important because Salpointe’s applicant pool is always a very large, diverse group of students from all over Southern Arizona.  Additional consideration is given to standardized testing data, 7th and 8th grade transcripts, recommendations, legacy, Catholicity and family interview. Find out more at our Policy on Admission of Students page.
  • Do I need to take the entrance exam?

    All interested eighth-grade students must take the entrance exam.
    • If you attend a Catholic middle school in Tucson, you will take the entrance exam in November at your Catholic middle school.
    • If you attend a public/charter/private school, Salpointe offers two entrance exam dates in December and January.
  • How can I prepare for the entrance exam?

    The best preparation to be successful is to work hard in middle school. Students should get a good night's sleep before the test and eat breakfast.  Some students find it helpful to become familiar with the format of the exam. However, the daily academic activity in middle school is adequate preparation for the exam.  If you do want more information on the HSPT, practice tests, learning modules and additional links to other information, please CLICK HERE.
  • What entrance exam does Salpointe Catholic use?

    Salpointe Catholic uses the STS High School Placement Test (HSPT).
  • When are notification letters sent?

    Notification letters of acceptance, non-acceptance, or waiting list placement will be mailed and emailed on January 31, 2020.
  • Does Salpointe offer scholarships?

    No, Salpointe Catholic does not offer scholarships, but the school does have a need-based Financial Aid Program. The application for financial aid is separate from the application for admission, although the two application cycles overlap. Find out more at our Financial Aid page.
  • Besides Financial Aid, are there any other scholarships?

    No, Salpointe does  not offer scholarships.  Salpointe Catholic strongly encourages its families to pursue additional funding opportunities that may be available for your student through Arizona individual and corporate tax credits and other need‐based Student Tuition Organizations (STOs). Find out more at our Financial Aid page.
  • What courses are offered at Salpointe Catholic?

    Graduation requirements and a full course listing may be found on our Academics page.
  • How can I register for honors classes my freshman year?

    Salpointe Catholic offers placement exams for English, math and foreign language each spring. Course placement also depends on entrance exam scores.
  • What is the dress code at Salpointe Catholic?

    Salpointe Catholic maintains a dress code for students. The student dress code is important to promote a conducive learning environment. Students are expected to dress appropriately while on campus and during all school-sponsored activities. Find out more at our Student Life page.
  • What athletic teams does Salpointe Catholic offer?

    Salpointe Catholic offers 48 men’s and women’s athletic teams. Over 85% of our student body participate in co-curricular activities.  Check out our Athletics page.
  • What other ways can I get involved at Salpointe Catholic?

    Salpointe Catholic offers a wide range of programs, activities and services to meet the educational, cultural, social, spiritual and recreational needs of the Salpointe Catholic student. Co-curricular activities help prepare a student for a healthy and active life in high school and beyond. Find out more at our Clubs and Activities page.

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