John Glinski Award

John Glinski ’68 was a Salpointe student with tremendous athletic potential.  He was “bound to be an All-American,” and “….destined to be the greatest athlete ever to come out of Salpointe High School.”  Cancer was discovered as he prepared to enter Salpointe, but during his freshman and part of his sophomore years, between surgeries and recoveries, he continued to play sports for Salpointe with great courage and strength.

He received his letterman’s sweater and honorary varsity letters in football and baseball from the Salpointe Lettermen’s Club and the Student Council selected him as the Salpointe Student of the Year.  He passed away in May of 1966.

The Glinski Award commemorates the life of John Glinski.  The recipient is an exceptional junior football player who shows academic promise.  He has firm moral convictions and possesses a thirst for life, possibly overcoming obstacles in his own life.  Finally, the winner of the John Glinski Award displays determination as an exemplary student athlete.  The award is given at the annual Heroes Assembly in the fall of each year.

Recipients of the Salpointe Catholic High School John Glinski Award:

Bob Lopez '68
John Wild '69
Billy Wagner '71
Les Caid '72
Victor Deal '73
Dan Wood '74
David Perales '75
Dan Ethridge '76
Mike Ramaeker '77    
Pat Welchert '78
Rob Rodriguez '79
Mike Rodriguez '80
Ray Hornfeck '81
Joey Heidrick '88
Mark Arellano '89
Neal Weitman '90
Tim Romano '91
Adam McCollum '92
Frankie Busch '93
Gabe Rivera '94
Mike Hartshorne '95    
Dan Carrizosa '96
Tim Cummins '97
Greg Hoffman '98
Jose Figueroa '99
Zac Seward '00
Ben Provost '01
Tony Gibalski '02
Tanous Farhat '03
John Kadous '04
Jack Darlington '05
Nick Souder '05

Ben Thiltges '06
Chris Ciarvella '07
Martin Rodriguez '08
Christopher Claxton '09
Chase Gallagher '10
Kameron Abt '11
Garrett Barraza '12
Johnny Pena '13
Jay Williams '14
Taylor Powell '15
Jake Ksiazek '16
Hunter Straka '17
Myles Hamlett '18
CJ Franks '19
Luke Regina '20
David Cordero '21
Antonio Martinez '22
Elias "Bettis" Roberts '23
Elijah Rushing '24
Nathan Spivey '25
    • John Glinski '68 †

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