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Luc Rosenblatt '19 named Southern Arizona Student Athlete of the Year

Southern Arizona Student-Athlete of the Year: Luc Rosenblatt

The Tucson Citizen profiled the city’s finest high school student-athletes from 1957 through 2008 and the tradition of recognizing only the very best was continued on the pages of the TucsonCitizen.com website. We have continued this tradition at AllSportsTucson.com since 2014.

Eleven graduating seniors submitted a nomination and those were judged on academics, athletics, leadership, service to their school and on a one-page essay on who influenced them most in their life. This year, the award came with a scholarship worth $500.

Salpointe standout basketball player Luc Rosenblatt '19 was chosen in a final round of three applicants this past weekend. Rosenblatt always rose to the top when his team needed him the most with 17 points in the state semifinal round last year and 24 points in the state championship game two years ago. He shot an incredible 11 of 14 (79%) 3 pointers in both games combined. His abilities on the court, and knowledge of the game, opened up doors for him and he will serve as a student manager for the University of Arizona men’s basketball team next year. His work in the classroom is equally impressive with numerous honor roll recognitions, National Honor Society work and AIA Scholar Athlete recognitions.

Rosenblatt’s essay about his mother, Salpointe alumna Suzette Valenzuela Rosenblatt '89 is as follows:

Most Influential Person in My Life
I have been blessed to have many important people in my life who have left a remarkable imprint on my life. However, the one person who has stood out, is my mother. Some may find it odd for a young man to idolize a woman, as opposed to a man, but I find my mom to be the strongest person in the world.

My mother has two of the hardest jobs in the world, yet she manages to excel at both of them. She is both a fantastic teacher and mother. Her work ethic and drive continues to inspire me every day, as I strive to emulate that in everything I do. My mother makes amazing dinners for my family while also having her lesson plans ready for the next day of school. She went to all my games and school events, while also grading all her papers in the same night. She sacrifices sleep, so that her students and family are functioning, which inspires me to always put others before myself.

I can confidently say that I was able to find success in school and basketball because of my mother. She was the one who would take me to every basketball practice before I could drive, while also being the one who studied with me the night before a test. Nobody pushed me harder than my mother. She wasn’t happy when I didn’t put forth a full effort into basketball or school, which taught me to never be satisfied with mediocrity. She pushes me hard, but she is also my biggest supporter. During every game I could always find her in the stands because she is cheering the loudest for my team. Anytime I hit a 3, I could hear her in the stands. She’s also the one who is rebounding for me outside, despite it being 100 degrees outside, and I am forever grateful for that.

One page can simply not do justice in recognizing the impact my mom has and will continue to have on my life. She has instilled all the necessary values in me to not only be the best version of myself, but to also bring the best out of other people.

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