Letter to Salpointe Families from Kay Sullivan

April 3, 2020

Dear Salpointe Community,
Two of my favorite words are “gratitude” and “inspiration” because these concepts provide strength and courage as we face some of life’s greatest challenges. We become resilient survivors when we can give or receive gratitude … and we are lifted up when we are inspired by the beauty and love that we see in others. I am witnessing both here in our Salpointe community as we share the many tragedies unfolding in this crisis that has overtaken our lives.
Gratitude: I am grateful for our Lancer students, parents, faculty and staff who have picked up the pieces of our holistic educational program and tried to make the very best of a dire situation. And I appreciate the dozens of emails from parents who are filled with gratitude for the efforts that we are making to connect and celebrate our Lancers, albeit virtually. I am grateful for Fr. Manu’s homilies and songs and for STUCO’s daily pledge, prayer, weather report and birthday wishes.
Inspiration: I am inspired by our new Salpointe Cares initiative and by our STEM 3D printed masks and medical shields. To date, we have had 40 families sign up with Salpointe Cares to help those in need and 20 families who have asked for help. We are connecting those who can help with those who need tuition assistance, utility bills paid, groceries delivered or prayers for the sick and the underserved. We invite participation on both sides! And congratulations to Ms. Gossler and our STEM faculty for continuing to fabricate masks to provide personal protective equipment for first responders. We can make a difference, even though we are isolated. Our Salpointe mission is very much intact!
Please know that Salpointe is here to assist with financial aid for tuition or registration for next year: please contact Theresa Lehrling at accountmgmt@salpointe.org if you need help.
While Salpointe has had no choice but to cancel some of our most treasured events, we are happy to announce our plans to celebrate the Class of 2020 on August 4-5! Although we recognize and regret that these dates will not work for everyone, they were the only ones available at these traditional venues. We will video the Mass and Commencement and live stream if possible. More details to come!
Take care of yourselves, your families and each other. Be well. Stay safe. Pray.
With love,
Kay Sullivan

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