Letter to Salpointe Families from Kay Sullivan - October 9

October 9, 2020

Dear Lancer Families,
We welcome our upcoming fall break next Thursday and Friday! I know that we are all ready to unplug and get away from the technology devices which have ruled our lives since last March. At the risk of preaching, I encourage Salpointe families to plan an adventure or two, but keep safety as a top priority. Whatever fun you plan to pursue, please travel with caution, practice proper health and safety precautions, use good judgement and make healthy decisions! Come back resilient, refreshed, relaxed …and COVID free!
We want to once again share the links which allow parents to (1) to sign up for full-time At-Home Learning or (2) switch their student(s) from At-Home Learning to Hybrid Learning. Here are the links to both forms:
Parents, we need your help!  Please check your student’s grades in MyPointe regularly and set standards for behavior during at-home learning. We are holding classes with the same expectation that Salpointe has always had for students:  to be engaged in class, complete assignments on time, and study every day. Our students, whether learning at-home or on campus, are being held to the same curricular standards we expect during normal (non pandemic) semesters. While some students may have legitimate health difficulties right now and need accommodations, the majority of students do not. 
It’s up to you, Lancers, to pass your classes regardless of what’s going on in the world. We are holding you accountable to study and do your work as well as you can. We are fully in school! If students have specific questions about assignments or need extra help to succeed in a class, they should contact their teachers as soon as possible. In-person after school tutoring is available in Foundation Hall for all students, including at-home learners. Please email tutoring@salpointe.org to get signed up for tutoring in any subject. Peer tutors are available nearly every period. Contact Mrs. Holstrom at aholstrom@salpointe.org if you’d like to connect with a Peer tutor. 
Here are some best practices for at-home learning. Be ready for school every day. Set yourself a schedule as if you were coming to school every day. Dress properly, sit at a desk or table, camera on. Being ready for school allows you to concentrate and do your best. Parents, please help us with this. 
Enjoy your time off next week! Stay safe, be well, pray!
Kay Sullivan

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