Letter to Salpointe Families from Kay Sullivan - October 23

Dear Lancers,

We seem to have semi-settled into a new normal here at Salpointe. It is not the normal we want! But our faculty and staff are doing their best to continue to provide a signature Salpointe education during this tumultuous time. And most of our students are doing their best to adjust to the rigor of college prep courses while navigating the challenges of a combined schedule of on campus/at home educational content delivery. Let’s all keep supporting one another!

National and local public health predictions indicate that we will experience an uptick in Covid cases between now and February. At this time, Salpointe plans to continue operating in the current model. As you know, we have had about a dozen positive cases among our student population; in all likelihood, none of them were contracted here on campus. Please encourage students to make responsible decisions for the 16 hours/day when they are not in classes. We are doing a good job of protecting our students and teachers here on campus, but we are counting on students and families to practice health and safety measures 24/7/365.

We want to once again share the links which allow parents to (1) to sign up their student for full-time At-Home Learning or (2) switch their student(s) from At-Home Learning to Hybrid Learning. Here are the links to both forms:

Sign Up For Full Time At-Home Learning

Switching from At-Home to On-Campus Hybrid Learning

Again we encourage parents to visit MyPointe regularly and to set clear standards for student conduct during at-home learning. Lancer students, whether learning at home or on campus, are being held to the same curricular standards that we expect during normal (non pandemic) times. Students should be engaged in class, complete assignments on time, and study every day. While some students may have legitimate health difficulties right now and need accommodations, most students do not. 

It’s up to you, Lancers, to pass your classes regardless of what’s going on in the world. We are holding students accountable to study and do their work. If students have specific questions about assignments or need extra help to succeed in a class, they should contact their teachers as soon as possible. In person after school tutoring is available in Foundation Hall for all students, including at home learners. Please email tutoring@salpointe.org to get signed up for tutoring in any subject. Peer tutors are available nearly every period. Contact Mrs. Holstrom to connect with a peer tutor. 

Here are some best practices for at home learning.  Be ready for school every day. Set  a schedule as if you were coming to school every day. Dress properly, sit at a desk or table, camera on. Being ready for school allows you to concentrate and do your best.

Stay safe. Be well. Pray!

Kay Sullivan

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