Salpointe's Heisman Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Mercedez Romney '21 for being named the Heisman High School Scholarship Winner for Salpointe Catholic High School.

The stated purpose of the Heisman High School Scholarship is to "
extend the Heisman prestige to our nation’s most esteemed male and female high school seniors by recognizing and rewarding outstanding scholar-athletes who understand that the most important victories not only happen on the field, but also in their schools and communities. These remarkable young leaders set the example and make a game-changing difference every day, paving the way to greatness for everyone around them.”

"Winning the Heisman High School Scholarship means so much to me," said Mercedez. "I have dedicated more than half my life to playing basketball and sadly had to stop playing because of health issues. I have always worked hard in my sport and strived to get good grades, and being able to balance both while traveling for basketball has been very rewarding. I feel very blessed to have the support of such a wonderful family that has given me the opportunity to succeed. When I found out I was a school winner, I was very humbled and excited to know that my hard work has paid off."

Congratulations, Mercedez!

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