Hybrid Learning Expanding to Four Days

March 3, 2021

Dear Salpointe Parents and Students,

Thank you for your support and patience over these many months as we navigated living and learning during a global pandemic. We are delighted to inform you that Salpointe will open for four days/week in-person learning starting next Monday, March 8. 

Current hybrid learners who are attending in-person classes two days/week will automatically shift to a four days/week in-person class schedule. These students will attend Monday-Thursday classes in person and Friday classes remotely. Two days/week hybrid learning will no longer be an option. If your student is currently enrolled as a hybrid learner, you do not need to do anything other than have your student attend classes on campus Monday-Thursday starting on March 8.

At-home learners will continue to receive synchronous educational content delivery online five days/week. 

Salpointe intends to maintain all of the health and safety protocols that have served us well during the course of the pandemic; wearing masks, social distancing in classes and during lunch, temperature checks, sanitizing public areas, handwashing, block scheduling and extended passing periods. 

In order to maintain six foot distancing in classrooms, we are not able to open the campus to all 1250 students at this time; however, given that over 600 students have currently opted for at-home learning, we hope to be able to honor requests to shift from at-home to in-person learning. If, on occasion, we have an overflow of students in any one class, a couple of students may be asked, on a rotating basis, to attend that class virtually from the library. This should be a rare event for any one student.

The next opportunity for at-home learners to return to four days/week in-person learning is Monday, March 22. The deadline to request this change is Monday, March 15. To make this change, click here. The school’s ability to accommodate a change from at-home to in-person learning is contingent upon a student’s schedule and the number of students in his/her classes.

Questions? Contact Mr. Jeff Mounts at jmounts@salpointe.org. Again, thank you for your confidence and support. 

Kay Sullivan          Keith Gibalski
President              Principal

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