Letter Regarding Fr. Edgar Lopez - April 17, 2024

April 17, 2024

Dear Salpointe Community,

We have received an allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor against Fr. Edgar Lopez, O. Carm. The alleged abuse is reported to have taken place over ten years ago in another state. The alleged abuse is not in any way related to Salpointe Catholic High School or Fr. Lopez’s ministry within the Diocese of Tucson.

In law as well as in our Catholic Church’s teaching, a person is presumed innocent until there is proof of guilt.  At present, there is only an allegation, which has been reported to law enforcement and is currently under investigation. Salpointe Catholic High School, the Carmelite Order, and the Diocese of Tucson are committed to the prevention of sexual misconduct with minors and to responding to such allegations. Salpointe Catholic High School students, parents, and supporters should be aware that we take all allegations very seriously. Fr. Lopez has been removed from public ministry and relieved of his employment at Salpointe Catholic High School pending further investigation of this matter. Law enforcement here in Tucson, as well as at the location of the alleged abuse, have been notified.

Salpointe Catholic High School, the Carmelite Order and the Diocese of Tucson, always encourage any victim-survivors of sexual abuse to come forward. The Survivor Outreach Coordinator for the Carmelite Order is Mr. Jorge Mora at jmora@carmelites.net or 630-929-4040. The Diocese of Tucson abuse reporting hotline is (520) 838-2567 or (520) 838-2513. 

Very Sincerely,

Mrs. Kay Sullivan  Mrs. Ardemis Martin

President                   Principal

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