Seniors Gain Perspective for Life Skills in College

Salpointe seniors attended a Life Skills presentation on campus.
The general theme was "Making a safe and successful transition to college." The seniors heard about the opportunities they will have and the potential challenges they will face after they leave high school. Lindsey Cushman from Salpointe's Class of 2012 and also a University of Arizona alumna, Elliot Glicksman, parent of alums and speaker at Salpointe’s Community of Concern program, and Lynn Ossowski, Salpointe’s college counselor, all addressed the students. With three different perspectives, the speakers talked about decision-making and consequences, staying true to your values and ideals, and encouraging them to develop new and healthy relationships.

Local attorney, Elliot Glicksman, speaks to Salpointe parents annually during the Community of Concern presentation. "I come back every year for Community of Concern because I think we make a difference," said Glicksman."The reason I keep coming back is that I couldn't live with myself if something happened to one of these kids and I didn't try. You don't know if you're making a difference, but if you look at it statistically and realize we didn't lose a kid this year, then we must be doing something right. We all have to pitch in to get the message across."

Salpointe alumna Lindsey Cushman '12 recently graduated from the University of Arizona. "I keep coming back to Salpointe because it's a great place to be," said Cushman. "Salpointe provided me with a strong foundation and I hope it does the same for others. I came to share my story because what happened to me is very impactful. I had to return to those Salpointe values to get me to where I am now. I've moved leaps and bounds from where I was. I continue to come back here because this is the best possible place you could start out."

Students were indeed impacted by the stories and perspectives of Glicksman, Cushman, and Ossowski.

"I definitely think this was the best Life Skills presentation I've ever been to," said Amina Marquart '18. "The talks were so impassioned and connected to us. It was an actual story with emotion in it. I could feel what Lindsey was feeling and really connected to it. It was a Life Skills that I took something from."

"I think it’s really impactful," said Emma Harris '18. "To see someone come back to Salpointe because they say 'Lancer life is forever.' We hear it but don't fully understand it until we see people who have graduated still loving Salpointe and still wanting to participate."

"It was really and truly an impactful experience," said Jacob Barner '18. "I'm glad that they make it known to us all the stuff we need to know before we go on to college. Especially things like this that will really impact our future, if something really bad happens. I am really glad we have these opportunities at Salpointe, especially when guest speakers are willing to come in and talk to us about hard-hitting stuff like this."

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