Senior, Amina, Reflects on Her Salpointe Education as Graduation Looms

Photo Courtesy Stephanie Newbold Photography
I have learned that optimism and positivity are pillar stones on which I have built my life and that, ​b​y leaning on them, I can survive the worst of times. High school has been a roller coaster of ups and down.
My first high school wasn’t a good fit, and when I moved to Arizona I worried that Salpointe wouldn’t be either. I discovered quite the opposite though. My Salpointe education has helped me to understand the world in multiple different lights. I have learned how to connect all my different areas of study to form one big picture that is me. I have learned that getting involved is the most rewarding and enjoyable thing I could have possibly done. Moreover, I have learned that, for a place to be right, all I need to do is be myself and make an effort, and if an effort is made back, then I have found my home. 
Salpointe has done that for me. Where I have given, it has taken and then given back in return. I gave myself to Salpointe. Throughout my journey here I have never strayed from myself and I have stayed positive. I kept a smile on my face and dove into my academics and activities with enthusiasm. This has allowed me to see Salpointe for all it has to offer. In return, Salpointe has shown me that a little bit of positivity goes a long way. It opens windows that lead to doors. 
Through optimism I have made friends and been successful in everything I have involved myself in. This is completely different from freshman year. Freshman year I felt like I was drowning in a pool where everyone else was swimming. I felt they all had a secret that allowed them to swim, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Through my Salpointe education I have learned that there is no secret, only the determination of each individual. My determination to make the best of things has shaped who I am and Salpointe has appreciated and given back to me every drop of determination and enthusiasm I have put in. Salpointe has helped me to realize my own potential and ability to make a difference by encouraging and supporting me through every step of my journey.

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