What is an Arizona Corporate Tax Credit?

The Arizona School Tuition Corporate Tax Credit is available to C corporations and S corporations that owe taxes in Arizona even if they’re not located in the state. Insurance companies that pay premium taxes also may qualify. Arizona's Department of Revenue gives participating corporations a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for every dollar transferred to a Student Tuition Organizations (STO). Contributions are accepted by the Department of Revenue on a first-come, first-served basis and not to exceed the statewide cap, which is $74.3 M for 2017. Corporations may direct funds to more than one STO and corporations may designate the school to receive their contribution. All scholarship recipients must fall within federal income guidelines guaranteeing the funds go to students with a verified financial need.

Salpointe Catholic High School needs your help. We have far more need-based financial aid requests than we can meet. We want qualified students to come and to stay in Salpointe. Truly, it is a choice between supporting quality education for local students in need or paying the Department of Revenue.

For more information on the Arizona tax code (A.R.S.43-1183), visit www.azleg.state.az.us/ars/43/01183.htm.
"I believe all families that desire a Catholic education should have the opportunity regardless of finances. The Arizona Corporate Tax Credit makes this possible. Salpointe Catholic is training our future leaders, and the dollar for dollar credit is one of the easiest ways that we as business owners can help Salpointe reach this goal," said Dr. Michael J. Huether, owner of Arizona Skin Cancer Surgery Center (S-Corporation)

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  • Why Salpointe?

    The Salpointe school year is off to a great start with 1,100 bright and ambitious Lancers. Over 50% of Salpointe students qualify for tuition assistance. For the 2016-2017 school year, Salpointe received verified financial aid requests from its families totaling $4M. However, the school was only able to meet $3M of this need, utilizing individual and corporate tax credits, interest on the endowed scholarship fund, and donations from private donors. Many families are struggling financially and we are not currently able to help every student who desires a Salpointe education.

    The school continues to celebrate and embrace its mission of diversity and academic excellence. Regardless of their economic or academic backgrounds or their ethnicity, 99% of Lancer graduates attend college.
  • Why Participate?

    Partner with Salpointe to make a quality education a reality for low-income families from all corners of Southern Arizona.

    Mike Hannley, President and CEO of Bank of Tucson, feels strongly that the program is a win-win opportunity for both the student and the business: “As a local bank, we look to our community first in identifying ways to invest in our future. What better way to make a significant impact than to allocate state tax dollars to provide disadvantaged young students the opportunity to attend Salpointe. We at Bank of Tucson look forward to repeating this donation as long as the state offers this unique tax credit.”

We salute our current corporate partners:

Questions About Corporate Tax Credits? Contact:

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Parents: The State of Arizona requires Arizona Corporate Tax Credit funds be distributed to students enrolling from a public or charter school. Eighth grade and high school transfer students are eligible providing they meet financial assistance qualifying guidelines. If you have considered Salpointe Catholic but thought you couldn't afford to pay full tuition, this program may make becoming a Lancer viable. Contact our Financial Aid Manager Simone Jolivet-Manuel at 520-547-9366 for more information.

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