Serving Our Little Brothers and Sisters

Twelve orphans from southern Mexico visited Salpointe on Oct. 1 to participate in a cultural exchange through a program called Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH), translating to "Our Little Brothers and Sisters." Lancers welcomed our visitors into their classes in the mornings to gave them a peek into high school in the United States. At lunchtime, our guests shared a presentation! They danced and sang mariachi favorites- it was quite a treat! After lunch, we visited Casa Alitas, a local migrant shelter. Hugo, the director of NPH, commented that when they visit America on these trips, they are always shown the glamour, the riches, and the well-manicured areas of a city. This was the first time they had gotten the opportunity to meet the poor and the marginalized, and coincidentally a migrant at Casa Alitas was from the same town in Guerrero as four of the orphans. It was a moment that offered a connection and sense of community to all of us. We ended the day with a trip to Eegees- a local Tucson favorite. What a lovely day to participate in hospitality and cultural exchange! 
- Jessikah Eller, Director of Service Learning

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