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Lancer Values

Love for Justice and Peace
Academic Excellence
Nurturing the Whole Person
Responsibility and Respect

Love of Justice and Peace: To live the gospel by opting for the poor and the oppressed, not only through the mediation of structures and bureaucracies, but face to face, in a way that lends dignity to each person we encounter.

Academic Excellence: To educate each student by developing skills and imparting knowledge consistent with the highest standards and the most effective methodologies.  The student is challenged to develop a curiosity for the world in its complexities and values, with scientific and mathematics proficiency, critical thinking and judgment, moral sensitivity, knowledge of Catholic faith and tradition and an ability to express him/her self with confidence and skill.

Nurturing the Whole Person: To address the development of the whole student-spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical, social, artistic, and psychological.   To help each person to accomplish his/her own highest potential as a human person, gifted with rights and purpose, and destined for eternal life.

Community:  To grow as a school community by opening ourselves to interdependence with others.  To accept one another as we are, with our limitations, our differences and our gifts.

Evangelization: To teach, to celebrate, to pray, and to model the Good News as proclaimed by Jesus Christ.

Responsibility and Respect:  To develop strong character, aware of inner strength and values by affirming that human beings are moral persons responsible for their decisions in light of their unique nature and dignity.  We teach integrity and responsibility for the well-being of others and for all living creatures and their physical environment.

Solidarity: To build a capacity for shared responsibility and ministry in the school by improving and creating structures which promote a collaborative style.   This includes making use of the gifts and talents of students, faculty, parents, alumni and those from the larger community who feel drawn to our spirit and mission.

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