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Speech and Debate 2014

Speech and Debate 2014-2015

Top 50 2012 Policy Debate National Championship

Tony Gerrettie, Head Coach 520-547-5886                                               
Salpointe English Department
B.S. Northern Arizona University
(Public Relations and Speech Communications)
Post-Baccalaureate University of Arizona (Secondary Education, English)

-Schedule -
10/17 - 10/18

The Lost Dutchman at Red Mountain High School 

*Daniel Leon and Julien Goulet – Novice Public Forum Debate Octofinalist
*Katie Abughazaleh and Emily McIntosh – Novice Public Forum Debate Quarterfinalist
*Ethan Gummere – Upper-class Impromptu Speaking Semifinalist
*Alain Gamas – Lower-class Impromptu Speaking Semifinalist
*Katie Abughazaleh – Lower-class Impromptu Speaking Champion

10/24 - 10/25

 Jim Fountain Classic at McClintock High School

11/7 - 11/8

Toro Country Classic at Mesa Mountain View High School

*Mary McNamara and Megan Truesdell – 3rd Place, Varsity Policy Debate
*Victor Gamas – 3rd Place, Varsity Lincoln/Douglas Debate
*Olivia Burton and Kelsey Compton – 3rd Place, Novice Public Forum Debate
*Katie Abughazaleh and Emily McIntosh – Quarterfinalist, Novice Public Forum Debate
*Julien Goulet and Melissa Trevino – Octofinalist, Novice Public Forum Debate
*Ethan Gummere – Semifinalist, Impromptu Speaking

11/14 - 11/15

Dobson Invitational at Dobson High School

*Alain Gamas – Octofinalist, Novice Lincoln/Douglas Debate
*Kelsey Compton and Olivia Burton – Quarterfinalist, Novice Public Forum Debate
*Katie Abughazaleh and Emily McIntosh – Tournament Champion, Novice Public Forum Debate
*Sebastian Villanueva – Quarterfinalist, Impromptu Speaking

12/5 - 12/6

Arizona Division II Winter Trophy at Paradise Valley High School

*Emma Hagyard – Semifinalist, Novice Lincoln/Douglas Debate
*Meghan Muldoon – Quarterfinalist, Novice Lincoln/Douglas Debate
*Alain Gamas – Quarterfinalist, Novice Lincoln/Douglas Debate
*Ethan Gummere and Julien Goulet – Semifinalist, Varsity Public Forum Debate
*Mary McNamara and Megan Truesdell – Varsity Policy Debate Champions
*Kat Cammack – Semifinalist, Poetry Interpretation Speaking

*Julien Goulet – Finalist, Extemporaneous Speaking
*Mary McNamara – Semifinalist, Original Oratory Speaking
*Victor Gamas – Semifinalist, Impromptu Speaking

1/8- 1/10


Southwest Championships at Arizona State University

*Varsity Public Forum Debate – Katie Abughazaleh and Emily McIntosh, Triple Octafinalist
*Novice Lincoln/Douglas Debate – Emma Hagyard, Double Octafinalist
*Novice Lincoln/Douglas Debate – Alain Gamas, 6th Best Overall Speaker

2/12 - 2/17

Harvard Invitational at Harvard University - Boston, MA
*Novice Public Forum Debate – Kelsey Compton and Melissa
Trevino – Triple Octafinalist

 3/6 - 3/7

SWSDIT at Mesquite High School 
*Novice Public Forum Debate – Julien Goulet and Ran Iwayama –
*Novice Public Forum Debate – Katie Abughazaleh and Emily
McIntosh – Quarterfinalist
*Novice Public Forum Debate – Julien Goulet, 6th
Best Overall Speaker
*Novice Lincoln/Douglas Debate – Meghan Muldoon –
*Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate – David Ojeda, 8th
Best Overall Speaker
*Varsity Policy Debate – Mary McNamara, 8th Best
Overall Speaker

 3/20 - 3/21

 Division II State Tournament at Phoenix Country Day School
*Public Forum Debate – Ethan Gummere and Julien Goulet – 3rd
*Policy Debate – Mary McNamara and Alexandra Montoya – 4th
*Impromptu Speaking – Katie Abughazaleh – 3rd
Place, Ethan Gummere – Semi—Finalist
*Duo Interpretation – Katie Cammack and Mary McNamara – 6th