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2012 13 Calculous Classroom

Science Department

Department Goals

After completing the science curriculum at Salpointe Catholic High School a graduate should:

1. Understand and be able to use scientific inquiry to solve problems and investigate questions
2. Design experimental procedure to investigate a question
3. Be able to analyze data and observations in order to draw accurate conclusions
4. Be able to critically evaluate  information for validity
5. Be skeptical learners who discriminate between reliable and unreliable sources
6. Use the tools provided by science, math and technology to investigate the world around them
7. Apply their moral and ethical beliefs to scientific issues
8. Have an appreciation of the integral part that science plays in their lives
9. Understand the importance of the value of work ethic

In order to ensure student success teachers will:

1. Strive to develop a love of learning and a love of science within our students
2. Develop and offer interactive, hands-on, real life experiences to our students as much as possible
3. Set up and offer labs and activities that develop critical thinking
4. Use the scientific method of inquiry frequently enough that students can easily utilize it
5. Nurture confidence in our students that they can succeed in science courses
6. Develop creativity and individual thinking in our students

Ms. Brenda Wolpa, Department Chair
B.A. University of Minnesota (Chemistry and Biology)

Ms. Anne Baffert
B.S. University of Arizona (General Biology)
M.A. University of Arizona (Journalism)

Ms. Shannon Baird
B.S. University of California, Santa Barbara (Aquatic Biology)
M.Ed. University of California, San Diego

Ms. Amy Ball
B.S. Engineering (Mississippi State University)
M.B.A. (University of South Carolina)
M.A. Teaching (Southern Illinois University)

Ms. Erin Dodson
B.S. Auburn University (Microbiology)
M.S. University of North Texas (Biomedical Sciences in Forensics Science)

Dr. Rick Heupel
B.A. University of California - Los Angeles (Biology)
Ph.D. University of California - Los Angeles (Biology)

Ms. Maria Javier
B.S. University of the Philippines (Biology)
M.A. University of Arizona (Teaching and Teacher Education)

Ms. Cecilia Lluria-Gossler
B.S. University of Arizona (Engineering)
M.S. University of Arizona (Engineering)

Ms. Rebecca Major 
B.S. University of Arizona (Physical Education)
M.A.Ed. Northern Arizona University (Educational Leadership)

Mr. Kevin Russell
B.S. University of Arizona (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)


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