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2013 14 Attendance Deans Office 

Attendance - It's important! 520-327-1990

Attendance is an important prerequisite for class credit. Salpointe’s attendance guidelines serve to promote academic excellence and to clarify the requirements for class credit. Excessive absence may result in loss of academic credit.

If a student is absent, the parent/guardian should call the Attendance/Deans' Office between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. (327-1990). Email notification is NOT acceptable, however our voicemail system is available 24x7.  Parents/Guardians should provide the student's name, ID number, reason for absence, and a return phone number. No written excuse is needed if the telephone call is made. If no phone call is made, then the student is required to provide a written note upon return to school.

Verified Absences - A verified absence is any absence that is verified in writing or by telephone by a parent/guardian.

Unexcused Absences - An unexcused absence is an absence not verified by parent/guardian. Unexcused absences, including homeroom, carry the consequence of two hours of Saturday detention accompanied by a $25 charge.

Each student is granted a fourteen day absence limit per semester. Verified and unexcused absences are included in the fourteen day absence limit.

After the eighth absence, the Counseling Department will notify the parent/guardian via email, with the subject line “read receipt requested.” After the tenth absence, the student and parents meet with the Counselor to determine a course of action. After the fourteenth absence, a student may lose academic credit.

School-Sanctioned Absences - Salpointe has determined that the following absences will be considered school sanctioned absences: field trips, Days of Recollection, Kairos, Salpointe sports team activities, college visitation for upperclassmen, and prolonged illness with physician documentation. Sanctioned absences are pre-scheduled and do not count in the fourteen-day absence limit. It is the student's responsibility to notify teachers in advance and make arrangements to complete all coursework.

Making up School Work during School-Sanctioned Absences

The Kairos retreat has specific timelines with regard to making up assignments and tests:
• Long-range assignments/tests which are due during Kairos are to be submitted either the Monday prior to Kairos or the Friday after, as  determined in advance by the teacher and the student.
• Long-range assignments that are assigned during Kairos and are due at least one week after Kairos are still due when assigned.
• Short-range assignments/tests which are assigned prior to Kairos or the Friday following Kairos must be completed by the end of school on the Tuesday after Kairos.
• Short-range assignments/tests that are assigned during Kairos and are due the week after Kairos will be due three days beyond the due date.
• All students and their parents must sign an academic contract prior to student attendance at the Kairos retreat.

Juniors and seniors are encouraged to visit colleges and college-visitation days will be excused if the student follows these procedures:
• The student must submit a college-visitation request form, obtained from the Attendance/Deans’ Office or the Counseling Office, in advance of the planned visitation.
• Upon return to school, a completed verification form, signed by the college office of admission, must be returned to the Attendance/Deans’ Office.
• Five days per school year are allowed for college visitation. If additional days are needed, approval must be requested from the Principal. It is recommended that no visitations be scheduled during the final three weeks of any semester.

Early Dismissal/Leaving Campus - Students are required to provide the Attendance/Deans' Office with notification via note or phone call from the parent/guardian prior to leaving campus. Students may not leave campus without clearance by the Health Office or Attendance/Deans' Office. Parents may not remove students from campus without prior notification to the Attendance/Deans'  Office. Students being picked up with a dismissal slip should report to the Attendance/Deans' Office. Violation of this policy results in an unexcused absence and the associated detention fee of $25.

Illness - Students who become ill during the school day and need to go home must check out through the nurse, or the Attandance/Deans' Office. The school nurse will assist the student in making the appropriate arrangements.

Medical or Dental Appointments - Students are strongly encouraged to make any medical and dental appointments outside of class time.

Tardies - Students are expected to arrive on time for their classes, demonstrating respect for the teacher, fellow students, and the learning environment. Students who arrive late to class are considered tardy. Students who forget needed class materials and are sent to retrieve them are also considered tardy. Teachers will advise students when they receive a tardy. Tardy will not be given for other reasons, such as bathroom use, dress code violation, misbehavior or gum chewing. The Attendance/Deans' Office will assign consequences as the tardies accumulate per semester, according to the following procedure:
• The fourth and succeeding tardies reported in a semester results in the student being assigned to Saturday detention. Parents/Guardians are notified by the Attendance/Deans' Office by email and asked to check their Net Classroom accounts for the date and time of detention. The Saturday detention is two hours of community service performed at the school for the benefit of the school. Faculty/Staff monitor the detention. A charge of $25 is added to the student tuition account, which offsets the cost of supervision.
• In addition to a two-hour detention, at the eighth tardy, a conference is held with the dean, student, and parents/guardians to determine a plan of action.
• The twelfth tardy results in a discipline referral sent by email to include the following consequences: a one day suspension and two hours of detention.
• Continuing tardiness will result in a parent/student meeting with the Principal to determine a course of action.

If a student is late to school, he/she may only enter at the Mountain Ave. gate or the front entry on Copper St. A student who is late to class by more than 15 minutes is considered absent, not tardy. Parents/ Guardians should notify the Attendance/Deans' Office by telephone about this situation as soon as possible. Email notification is not acceptable.

Change of Status/Address - Students and parents/guardians are expected to inform the registrar immediately when there is a change of address, phone (home and/or work), email address, parish, living arrangements, legal custody, and legal name, etc., that may affect a student's record or school contact with parent/guardian.

Closed Campus Policy - Salpointe has a closed campus. No student is allowed off the school grounds while school is in session unless he/she has checked out through the Attendance/Deans' Office with appropriate parental permission.