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2012 13 Freshmen Orientation

The Community of Concern

The Community of Concern is a committee of concerned parents working in concert with Salpointe Catholic High School's Leadership Team, parents and staff to bring awareness of the issues that face our children today.  While the committee recognizes that parents are the primary educators of their children, the group is committed to bring the most up to date information to Salpointe parents and staff through guest speakers, workshops and printed educational materials.

The Community of Concern Committee sponsors annual forums entitled, "A Parent's Guide For the Prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use."  Each forum presents a panel of speakers representing various viewpoints on drug and alcohol prevention.  The speakers are from a range of specialties that speak to the medical, legal, criminal and social aspects of drug and alcohol abuse.  Each forum features disussions about brain development in adolescents, the legal consequences for both the parent and student of drug and alcohol use, social implications and a review of the school alcohol, drug and tobacco policy as well as the sharing of victim experiences.

Attendance by one parent at one forum is required before a student can attend the Winter Formal or Prom.  The Community of Concern also sponsors workshops throughout the school year to discuss topics of particular interest.  Workshop participation is not mandatory, but encouraged.

Success of the Program

Upon completion of each forum, parents have the opportunity to complete a feedback survey. Based on the results from all completed surveys, the following are the percentage of parents responding Satisfied/Very Satisfied to the following statements:

Based on the information that I received at the forum I feel better prepared to speak to my child about substance abuse and peer pressure - 94.20%

I feel that this forum was helpful to me as a parent - 97.10%

Here are some of the comments parents made after attending the Community of Concern Forum:

"It was very informative - speakers were awesome!"

"Informative and eye-opening, good legal and medical information.  Excellent!  Thank you."

"I like to be able to talk about these relevant and important issues that impact our children's lives.  It is important that we acknowledge these problems exist instead of ignoring them.  We could save lives."

"The fact that Salpointe wants to work with kids and parents - BRAVO!"

"Listening and learning about drugs, alcohol abuse and what kids are getting wise to - this is a very good program - thank you."

"I feel so fortunate that my child is attending Salpointe Catholic High School - you care!"