The Carmelite Order

At the time of the Crusades in the Holy Land, men desired to follow Christ in His homeland by living lives of prayerful solitude and service.  One such group settled on Mt. Carmel, a place filled with the spirit of the prophet Elijah.  Sometime between 1206 and 1214, St. Albert, the Patriarch of Jerusalem, set down a way of life for these hermits in the form of a rule for following Christ and serving Him faithfully with a pure heart and good conscience.   This rule of St. Albert still guides Carmelites today.

Wherever there was a spiritual need, the Carmelites reached out in a unique fashion as contemplatives in action.  They engaged in preaching, teaching, and spiritual direction.  Others served as missionaries, as university teachers, or in pastoral care. Some became famous for their holiness and service: St. Albert of Sicily was a noted preacher, Blessed Nuno Alvares was a great leader and is honored as the George Washington of Portugal; St. Andrew Corsini was a renowned peacemaker between warring city-states; St. Peter Thomas founded a great university; Blessed Baptist of Mantua was a brilliant humanist writer; St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila were great mystical doctors and masters of the spiritual life; St. Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, became Patroness of the Missions. Today, Blessed Titus Brandsma, a Dutch Carmelite martyred in Dachau for defending the freedom of the press against the Nazis, is an example for us.

The life and work of Carmel continues to flourish after eight centuries.  Like his medieval counterpart, the Carmelite today is a contemplative in action, caring for and serving his fellow Christians. Carmelites seek to walk in the light of Christ and to help those whom God sends into their lives to see that same light.  In the United States, Carmelites serve in Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Arizona, California, Texas, and the District of Columbia.

To follow Jesus Christ as Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, called together by the Holy Spirit; to live as Elijah in the presence of God; to serve the needs of the Church and each other in love. This is the life purpose of the Carmelite priests and brothers who minister throughout the world.  

Salpointe Catholic High School is a Carmelite school. To learn how the Carmelites have served Salpointe go to the School History page and for more in-depth information visit the Carmelite Order.

Carmelites who have or are now serving Salpointe.

David Balok, O.Carm., Thomas Batsis, O.Carm., Eric Bell, O.Carm., Donan Benjamin, O.Carm., Boniface Brown, O.Carm., Jeffrey Bryant, O.Carm., Thomas Butler, O.Carm., Jerome Callahan, O.Carm., Robert Carroll, O.Carm., Jude Cattelona, O.Carm., Ramon Cautino-Lopez, O.Carm., Robert Clarke, O.Carm., John Coleman, O.Carm., Myles Colgan, O.Carm., Jay Comerford, O.Carm., Thomas Conlon, O.Carm., Quinn Conners, O.Carm., Roy Conry, O.Carm., Rodolfo Contreras, O.Carm., David Cosgrove, O.Carm., Owen Cote, O.Carm., Davis Cote, O.Carm., Charles Countie, O.Carm., Austin Coupe, O.Carm., Peter Crowley, O.Carm., Terrance Cyr, O.Carm., Michael Dewey, O.Carm., Stephen Diekemper, O.Carm., Rocco DiLeonardi, O.Carm., William Dorgan, O.Carm., Aurele Doucette, O.Carm., David Engle, O.Carm., Maynard Evers, O.Carm., Matthias Ewing, O.Carm., R. Foss Farrar, O.Carm., Joseph Fitzgerald, O.Carm., David Fontaine, O.Carm., Raymond Foster, O.Carm., Emanuel Franco-Gomez, O.Carm., Julian Friend, O.Carm., Joseph Gilmore, O.Carm., Donan Goldbach, O.Carm., Tom Gravett, O.Carm., David Hajduk, O.Carm., Thomas Hakala, O.Carm., Foster Hanley, O.Carm., William Harry, O.Carm., Brian Henden, O.Carm., Paul Henson, O.Carm., Robert Heron, O.Carm., Michael Higgins, O.Carm., Thomas Hogan, O.Carm., Kurt Holderied, O.Carm., Gregory Houck, O.Carm., John Howell, O.Carm., Robert Hrytzik, O.Carm., Louis Isert, O.Carm., Mike Joyce, O.Carm., Sean Joyce, O.Carm., William Kearney, O.Carm., Kevin Keller, O.Carm., John V. Kelly, O.Carm., Simon Kenny, O.Carm., Nathen Kollar, O.Carm., Albert Koppes, O.Carm., Christopher Kulig, O.Carm, Charles Kurgan, O.Carm., Charles Kwiatkowski, O.Carm., Michael Kwiecien, O.Carm., Conrad LaChance, O.Carm., John Larkin, O.Carm., Raymond Lauric, O.Carm., Diego Leskovar, O.Carm., Dominic Lickteig, O.Carm., Mario Loya, O.Carm., Stanley Makacinas, O.Carm., John Malley, O.Carm., Vernon Malley, O.Carm., Carl Markelz, O.Carm., Marlon Mateo, O.Carm., Allen Martin, O.Carm., Henry Mauer, O.Carm., Frank McCarthy, O.Carm., Leo McCarthy, O.Carm., Dustan McGuigan, O.Carm., Anthony McNamara, O.Carm., Neal McNanna, O.Carm., Vincent Medford, O.Carm., Roberto Mejia, O.Carm., Joel Moelter, O.Carm., Roderick Moers, O.Carm., Craig Morrison, O.Carm., William Muha, O.Carm., Finian Murphy, O.Carm., Kenny Murphy, O.Carm., Kim Nakae, O.Carm., Raymond Nolan, O.Carm., William O'Malley, O.Carm., Ron Oakham, O.Carm., Filiberto Oregel, O.Carm., William Orth, O.Carm., Robert Peters, O.Carm., Bradley Peterson, O.Carm., Carl Pfister, O.Carm., Christopher Pieklo, O.Carm., Thomas Pinkel, O.Carm., Felix Rivera, O.Carm., Paul Robinson, O.Carm., Stephan Rochefort, O.Carm., Michael Rooney, O.Carm., Mark Schaffner, O.Carm., Thomas Schrader, O.Carm., Aloysius Sieracki, O.Carm., Timothy Sklopan, O.Carm., Jeffery Smialek, O.Carm., Arthur Snaman, O.Carm., Glenn Snow, O.Carm., Edbert Staresenic, O.Carm., Alvin Tabernacki, O.Carm., Bernard Tierney, O.Carm., Frederick Tillotson, O.Carm., Regis Tremblay, O.Carm., Edward Ward, O.Carm., William Weber, O.Carm., Frank Weil, O.Carm., Urban Welch, O.Carm., R. Nepi Willemsen, O.Carm., Gerald Willick, O.Carm., Robert Wolfe, O.Carm. 
Salpointe Catholic is a private, college‐preparatory high school with an enrollment of approximately 1300 students. The school is sponsored by the Carmelites of the Most Pure Heart of Mary and accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association and Cognia (international accreditation).
    • Rev. Bonaventure Gilmore, O.Carm., First Carmelite Principal of Salpointe

    • Fr. Florian "Frank" McCarthy, O.Carm. 1958

    • Fr. Aidan "Tom" Butler, O.Carm. 1958

    • Fr. Randal "John" Malley, O.Carm. 1958

    • Fr. Roy Conry, O.Carm. 1958

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