Welcome, Lancer Parents!

Being a part of the Salpointe community extends far beyond our students. Salpointe parents - including current, past and future - are an integral part of our supportive school community. Parental support with activities, social events and fundraisers is encouraged, welcomed and greatly appreciated. Involvement on campus is the best way to fully embrace the Salpointe experience!

Parents are encouraged to sign up and log in to myPointe for content exclusive to parents. Access your child’s grades, schedule, update your contact information, view the parent directory, news and events and much, much more.

Hear Something, Say/Text Something Tip Line

(520) 547-1954

Salpointe Catholic has a "Hear Something, Say/Text Something" Tip Line at (520) 547-1954. This tool offers a vehicle for parents, faculty, staff and students to help the school maintain a safe environment and provide for the ultimate health and well-being of our students. The line is not a crisis line or hotline. It is anonymous and allows the caller to leave a voice message or text message. The line is checked daily and credible reports are investigated and acted upon appropriately.

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Salpointe Parent Association (SPA)

The Salpointe Parent Association is an extension of Advancement efforts, continually working to build community through school events. While not a fundraising organization, proceeds from SPA activities directly benefit Salpointe students. Please join us in supporting the mission and values of Salpointe Catholic High School.

As a parent or guardian of a Salpointe student, you are automatically a member of SPA. We welcome you and encourage you to join us for our events!  

SPA OFFICERS 2023-2024
President - Virkine Valenzuela Weitman '90
Secretary - Kristin Tomlinson 
Treasurer - Elizabeth White 
Moderator - Theresa Mansour Marquart '86
Ex-Officio Member - Jennifer Harris, Director of Advancement

Members at Large
Satenik Valenzuela Bennen '91
Lori Cueva-Garcia
Leah Evans
Katie Romano Griffin '87
Camille Kerr
Beth Koontz
Aumi Leber
Eileen Candler Peron '91
Terri Pupach
Lili Schwartz
Mary Byczek Tosca '88
Elizabeth Watson
Salpointe has proven to be a great choice for our family. Our daughter has experienced a challenging curriculum, a variety of dynamic teachers, a supportive administrative team and great extracurricular opportunities. The sense of giving back to your community is engrained in the students lives and as parents we know that the kids are looked after as best as anyone can watch over teens. After researching every private and public school that fit college preparatory criteria for our family in Tucson, Salpointe has more to offer than any when one looks at supporting a whole child experience. ~Current parent

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