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Dress Code

Salpointe Catholic High School maintains the right to establish a dress code for students. The student dress code is important to promote a conducive learning environment. Students are expected to dress appropriately while on campus and during all school-sponsored activities. The parameters for appropriate dress and grooming are set forth below. Parents/guardians are expected to offer the first and best counsel to their student in this matter. The Deans are the interpreters of proper attire.

Dress code polos, outwear and P.E. uniforms are available through the Salpointe Spirit Store. 

List of 9 items.

  • Shirts

    All students are required to wear collared polo style short or long-sleeved shirts with a Salpointe logo.  These shirts may be purchased through the Salpointe Spirit Store.  Approved Salpointe team and club polo shirts are also acceptable.  All shirts must be large enough in cut to cover from the neck to below the waistband whether the student is sitting, standing, or walking through the halls with a backpack. T-shirts or other types of shirts may not be worn over the dress code polo shirt.
  • Pants and Shorts

    All students are required to wear pleated or plain front Docker-type, solid color 100% cotton or cotton twill (98% cotton/2% spandex blend) or corduroy pants/Bermuda walking shorts (knee length) with a waistband that fits around the natural waist and has a set-in front zipper (no sagging, over-sized, too long, or baggy pants/shorts). No denim material is allowed. Stretch clothing (such as athletic, yoga, leggings, and jogging pants) is not allowed. Skirts and skorts are not permitted. All pants/shorts must be neat, clean, in good repair (clothing may not be torn, frayed, or cut), and have a finished hem.  Solid color cargo and Capri-style pants are acceptable as long as the fabric of these styles is the same as the pants and shorts outlined above.
  • Footwear

    All shoes must have closed toe and heel (maximum heel height is 1”).  Any exceptions to this requires a doctor’s note. No skate shoes, roller blades, roller skates, slippers, flip-flops, or sandals are allowed.
  • Headwear

    No hats, caps, stocking caps, headbands, or bandannas may be visible on campus between the first and the last bell of the day.  Stocking caps may be worn only in the winter months outside the classroom.
  • Jackets and Coats

    During cold weather days, students will be able to wear a heavy coat/jacket made of all-weather material, leather, or wool blend worn over the Salpointe sweatshirt and/or Salpointe polo shirt. Jackets/coats may not be worn in the classrooms.
  • Outerwear

    Please click this link to see what is and is not acceptable as outwear at Salpointe.
  • Jewelry and Accessories

    Jewelry should be worn in moderation and in good taste.  Large wallets, wallet chains or key chains that extend outside the pants or shirts are prohibited.  Male students may not wear earrings/spacers.  No sunglasses are to be worn on campus between the first bell and the last bell of the day.
  • Hair and Body Art

    Students must keep their hair neat and clean. No unnatural dyed hair color and no ornamental cuts or staining/streaking/bleaching in unnatural colors. Male students’ hair must be neatly groomed, no longer than collar length with no tails or ponytails.  Male students must be clean-shaven.  Sideburns must be trimmed at the earlobe.  Hairstyles and/or ornamentation that are outlandish, inappropriate, or gang-related are prohibited. There must be a visible gap between the hair and eyebrows.

    Body Art
    No visible tattoos, brands, piercings (other than ears for females) or other body art is allowed. Covering tattoos with tape or Band-Aids is not acceptable.
  • Special Dress Days (Jeans Day/ Spirit Week)

    Occasionally, a dress-up/dress-down day will be allowed. Dress will be according to the themes dictated by the special days. All clothing shall be within the guidelines of decency and good taste as appropriate for school. No garment may be worn that is cut-off, ragged, or torn.  Footwear regulations are always in effect for special dress days.

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