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Dear Salpointe Parents and Students,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year. Salpointe Catholic looks forward to delivering our legacy, signature high school experience to 1200+ Lancers this fall. Our goal is to return to “normal” as much as possible as we continue to navigate the final days of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

The first step to achieving normalcy is the vaccination of all those faculty, staff and students who are able to be vaccinated. Our first priority is the health and safety of our Lancers. While we are not requiring vaccinations, our plan is to achieve a high level of immunization on campus, thereby reducing the risk of transmission and decreasing the chance that we will have to implement masking or distancing. Over 90%  of our employees are vaccinated and we would like to see that level among our student population. We encourage you to seek the guidance of your healthcare professional and get vaccinated! Then please take a picture of the vaccination card and upload it to your MyPointe account. This will help us track the level of immunity on campus.

I invite each of you to walk with us as we continue to embrace this cross-generational mission that is the essence of Salpointe. Let me review the key elements of this mission: We are a Catholic, Carmelite school focusing on the virtues of prayer, service and community. We work with parents to prepare  students for college and career, for this life as well as for eternal life. We serve Tucson’s economically, academically and culturally diverse population. We offer a holistic education that fosters faith, encourages the pursuit of excellence, develops servant leaders, affirms the dignity of every individual, and promotes global social justice. As a mission-driven institution, all policies and decisions are guided by these values. 

Our faculty and staff are 140 strong and I salute each and every one of them. We know that the most rewarding, most powerful aspects of a Salpointe education happen in the classroom … and on the field or court or stage under the guidance of our teachers and coaches. I salute our faculty and staff; for most of them, working at Salpointe is not a job, it is their life, their purpose and their ministry.

Salpointe is once again committed to the tenets of Pope Francis’ encyclicals Laudato Si,  which means “be praised” and Fratelli Tutti, which means “all brothers.”  Our annual overarching theme is from these two letters and from our mission statement: honoring the dignity of every person. We will examine how our lifestyle, our culture and our personal decision-making impact our brothers and sisters as well as our Earthly home.

I mentioned diversity as part of Salpointe’s mission. About half of our Lancer families qualify for financial aid. Without the Arizona tax credit, many of these students could not attend Salpointe. Please participate in the individual tax credit by directing a portion of your state tax liability to CTSO. If you are a principal in a C or S corporation, you can direct a portion of your corporate tax liability to help our families who live at 185% or less than the federal poverty level. Give me a call if you would like to learn more. To those of you who are already participating in the individual or corporate tax credit, thank you. 

Salpointe is proud to be a Carmelite school and we celebrate this tradition by giving honor to the people and programs that breathe life into our sacred mission. We would not be the school we are today without the vibrancy and energy of our Lancer students; the dedication of our faculty and staff; the commitment of our boards and committees; the confidence of parents who entrust Salpointe with the education of their children; and the generosity of our donors. As we build the next chapter of Salpointe’s story, we look forward to our Lancers coming together as one community to celebrate our inclusivity, our unity and our faith. 


Kay Sullivan

Published August 2021

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