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Salpointe Catholic offers a number of academic support programs to ensure that students have the tools and assistance to meet their academic goals. Faculty office hours, after-school tutoring and our Lancer Success Plan provide students with the additional instruction, guidance and accountability to succeed.

The Learning Lab is designed as a resource for all students. Help is available with general studying, learning and test­-taking strategies, as well as assistance in specific content areas. The Learning Lab also serves as a place where students can work on assignments together with classmates or in study groups for tests and projects. Educational specialists and Peer Tutors are available.

Tutoring by our classroom teachers is available to all students Monday-Thursday immediately after the last bell. Tutoring is available in math, English, science and Spanish. 

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  • Educational Accommodations

    Salpointe Catholic offers educational accommodations to students with current documentation of a learning difficulty including Attention Deficit Disorders, learning difficulties in academic achievement and other health related problems. 
    Under the guidelines of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504, a variety of educational accommodations, (i.e. extended time on tests, preferential seating, etc.) may be offered to students with documented learning difficulties. Section 504 Accommodation plans are developed by our 504/SSD** Coordinator in cooperation with parents and students. 
    Upon enrollment, parents are asked to complete a “Voluntary Disclosure of a Learning Difficulty” form as part of the application process in order to alert the school that a student has a learning difficulty. Parents are encouraged to follow up completion of this form by contacting the school 504/SSD Coordinator to explore the development of a Section 504 Accommodation plan. Parents can also contact the school 504/SSD Coordinator directly to request a review of their student’s needs to determine if an accommodation plan is appropriate.
    Documentation of a learning difficulty can be accomplished through an individual psychoeducational assessment, a letter from a physician or other health professional, or recent records of a prior history of having a 504 Plan or other specialized educational program. Students with a history of receiving Special Education services (i.e. IEP) through the public schools are encouraged to talk with Salpointe Catholic’s 504/SSD Coordinator as to how educational accommodations may be provided. It is important to understand, however, that since Salpointe Catholic does not offer Special Education, services associated with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are not provided on our campus.
    **SSD = (Services for Students with Disabilities - College Board designation for PSAT, SAT and AP testing programs)

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