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Attendance is an important part of a student’s success. Because of this, it is very important to have an accurate up-to-date attendance record for every student.

Salpointe recommends putting the attendance number, 327-1990, in the contact list of your cell phone. This procedure will allow your caller ID to identify that you are receiving a call from Salpointe attendance.

For the safety of your student, only the parent/guardian or emergency contacts can excuse or release your student from school. By following these  guidelines, the process of checking your student in or out of school should enable us to work together to achieve a positive attendance process. Please use the following information to notify Salpointe in regards to your student’s absence or tardiness:

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  • Attendance Policy

    Absent or Tardy?
    Students are considered absent from class when they arrive FIFTEEN (15) or more minutes after the final class bell.  Students who arrive 14 minutes or less after the final class bell are considered tardy.   
    What are considered to be Non-School Related Absences?
    Non-school related absences include doctor appointments, illness, college visits, family trips, etc. Parents/Guardians are responsible for using personal discretion as to how absences are used.  If contact is not made with the Attendance Office regarding the absence of a student, the student may be considered truant and face additional disciplinary consequences. All non-school related absences count toward the total of FIFTEEN (15).
    What are considered to be School Related Absences?
    Authorized field trips, AIA sanctioned athletic events, Kairos, or other school-sponsored club outings are considered school related absences and do not count against the total of FIFTEEN (15) non-school related absences.
  • Illness During the School Day

    Students who become ill during the school day must get permission from their teacher to report to the Nurse's Office. The nurse will assist the student and make the appropriate arrangements to leave school early, if necessary. 
  • Closed Campus Policy

    Salpointe has a closed campus. No student is allowed off the school grounds while school is in session unless he/she has checked out through the Attendance/Deans' Office with appropriate parental permission.
  • Emergencies

    In the event of a lockdown, shelter-in-place, or other emergency event during the school day, notifications will be sent via the school's emergency communications system.

    Please do not call or visit the school for information, since that may hinder emergency communications and operations.
  • School Cancellation

    Although canceling school is  a rare event, if weather conditions or other situations do require the cancellation of school, notifications will be sent via the school's emergency communications system.

Meet Our Attendance Team

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