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Drug Possession and Testing Policy

Salpointe Catholic is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and nurturing community environment. The use of any substance that alters perception or behavior conflicts with the educational mission of the school. Salpointe Catholic students are prohibited from using, possessing, or distributing at school or at school­-related events any substance that alters perception or behavior that could modify that individual’s ability to function appropriately in the school environment.

The Salpointe Catholic campus, and all persons and property on the campus, shall be subject to random inspection for drugs or alcohol. Salpointe may employ the use of canine drug detection and/or other technologies to aid in campus inspections, including vape detectors in restrooms.

Salpointe Catholic’s mandatory, random drug testing program screens students throughout the school year for drug use. If a student has a positive drug screen they must follow specific disciplinary guidelines to remain at Salpointe. Disciplinary measures include, but are not limited to: suspension, community service and involvement in rehabilitation treatment options as directed by the school administration (at parent/guardian expense) to deal with personal involvement with drugs and potential addiction. Students must also demonstrate a negative drug screen in subsequent tests.

The mandatory drug testing program is an enhancement to the school’s existing education and prevention initiatives that encourage students to make positive choices to avoid the dangers of using illegal substances. The primary purpose of the testing program is to help students remain drug­free. It provides a means to counter potential peer pressure to use substances that alter perception or behavior. Salpointe’s goal is to continue to be positive, proactive, and collaborative with students and their parents/guardians, doing what we reasonably can to prevent the painful consequences of drug abuse.

The program gives students:
  • A reason not to use drugs
  • A reason to quit, if they have started
  • A reason to get help, if they cannot quit
Drug Testing Procedures
Students will be tested for drug use through a recognized drug testing laboratory. Testing may include hair samples, saliva samples, or other tests as determined to be necessary and/or effective by the school.
  • Students are tested randomly through a computerized program. Students may also be tested due to suspicion of drug use (students may be tested throughout the school year).
  • Trained school personnel administer the tests in the Health Office and mail the samples.
  • The lab sends the results directly to the Principal.
If a student’s drug screen is negative, indicating drug-­free, the parents/guardians will receive an email letter reporting those results.

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