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Student health is a priority at Salpointe Catholic. We know that good health is the foundation for learning and growth. We have a full-time RN, trained counselors, athletic trainers and a comprehensive Wellness Program to meet the needs of our students. 

Salpointe Catholic is committed to maintaining a safe and secure campus. This is accomplished through the work of our Incident Response Team, professional threat assessments, private security, staff vigilance, Verkada visitor management system and comprehensive emergency response protocols.

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  • Athletic Training

    Our sports health care team has worked hard to make this program one of the best in Southern Arizona. We care about providing the best care for our injured athletes and providing the safest environment possible for our student-athletes to develop both on and off the playing field. 

    Policies and Procedures 

    If your child is injured during a practice or competition, he/she should report it to the coach immediately. Waiting to report an injury, or thinking it can be “walked off” will only result in additional injury. The coach will then direct the student-athlete to the athletic treatment center. If the student-athlete cannot ambulate on his or her own, the coach will send for the Head Athletic Trainer.

    What can you expect if your child is injured during their participation in athletics here at Salpointe? One of four things will occur depending on the severity of their injury:

    Minor injuries

    Minor injuries will be treated on site, and will be followed-up in the athletic injury treatment center as needed.

    Moderate injuries 

    Moderate injuries will be treated and followed-up in the athletic injury treatment center, and a note informing you of the injury will be sent home with your child. The note will also contain home care instructions for you to assist your child with.

    Serious injuries

    With a serious injury your child will receive initial treatment, and he/she will be sent home with a referral to a physician. Once a student-athlete receives a physician referral, they cannot participate in further athletics until they have been seen by, and return with a release note from a physician.

    Severe injuries

    Severe injuries are those that require immediate medical attention, you will either be called to come and transport your child to an urgent care or emergency facility, or an ambulance will be called and you will be notified, depending on the severity of the emergency.

    After any injury the student-athlete must follow-up with the athletic training staff prior to participating in a practice or competition. If the injury requires a visit to the emergency room or an appointment with a physician, the student-athlete MUST HAVE A PHYSICIAN’S RELEASE FORM, AND be cleared by the Head Athletic Trainer PRIOR to participating in a practice or competition.

    PLEASE NOTE: If an in-season student-athlete sees a physician for any reason they MUST HAVE A PHYSICIAN RELEASE stating he or she can participate in athletics AND be cleared by the Head Athletic Trainer PRIOR to being allowed to participate in a practice or competition. There are NO exceptions.
  • Campus Security

    Salpointe Catholic's Incident Response Team (IRT) meets on a monthly basis and is charged with developing and carrying out periodic fire/evacuation and lockdown drills in order to be prepared in the event of an emergency. IRT also reviews professional security recommendations and oversees the development of new security measures.

    The campus is surrounded by a full perimeter fence and offers limited access during the day. During morning drop-off, one gate is open at each entrance to campus: Copper St., Glenn St. and Mountain Ave. After the first bell, all gates are closed for the duration of the school day. 

    All visitors to campus during the school day must be cleared through the Verkada visitor management process, which screens visitors against the national sex offender database. What you can expect as you enter campus:
    • Parents and visitors must show government-issued identification to enter campus beginning September 5. If you do not have a government-issued ID, please bring other forms of identification, such as a credit card.
    • The security attendant will take a photo of you and your ID. 
    • Sign the surveillance consent the first time you are screened by the system.
    • The person you are visiting will be notified by text and email that you have arrived.
    • Proceed to Student Services to pick up your visitor pass; wear it at all times during the visit.
    • Proceed to the appropriate office or classroom.
    Salpointe’ Catholics official emergency alert notification system, ParentSquare, is our primary means of communication during drills or in the event of an emergency. Text and email messages are sent at the beginning and end of drills and throughout the duration of any emergency situations. Please ensure your cell phone number(s) and email(s) are up to date in myPointe to ensure delivery of the messages. Contact Mr. Jeff Mounts at if you have any questions.

  • Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures

    There are procedures in place to create a quick and safe process for getting your children to and from school. Following these procedures helps us maintain a secure campus and expedite student drop-off and pick-up. 
    • The Glenn St. gate is the main student drop-off and pick-up point and for use by campus visitors throughout the day.
    • The Mountain Ave. gate may also be used for drop-off and pick-up, but is not a visitor entrance during the school day.
    • Students may also enter campus through the Copper St. gate between 7:45 and 8:15 a.m. only.
    All entrances are closed at the first bell and remain so until the end of the school day. Students leaving early must have parent permission and check out in the Student Services office. 

    Should someone need to visit campus during the school day they must check in with security at the Glenn St. security gate. You will be asked to provide your driver's license and issued a guest pass. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping the Salpointe Catholic campus safe and secure.
  • Health Office

    School Nurse: Teresa Neubeck, RN     520-547-9395 

    Students who are sick during the school day must report to the Health Office in order to leave campus.  

    It is the parent's responsibility to be available to either release their student from school, pick them up in a timely fashion or send a designated person to do so. Salpointe Catholic does not have the facilities to accommodate sick students for any length of time.

    The Attendance Office will be informed when a student is picked up or released from school. Students are strongly discouraged from making medical and/or dental appointments during class time. If, on occasion, this is necessary, it is expected that the Attendance Office be notified in advance of the date and time that the student will miss class. Call 327-1990 to reach the Attendance Office. Absences due to medical appointments are considered non-school related and count toward the total of twelve (12) allowed absences per semester.

    Self Administered Medications
    Students who have asthma, diabetes or severe allergies and need to carry inhalers, insulin or epi pins must have a permission form to self-administer medication. Permission forms can be obtained in the Health Office.

    School records must show that your child has received all immunizations currently required for school attendance by Arizona State Law (A.R.S. §15-872). For more information, refer to the Parent-Student Handbook or call the Health Office.

Meet Our Health Team

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    Teresa Neubeck 

    School Nurse
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    Head Athletic Trainer

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