Humanities Program

Salpointe’s Humanities Program is a challenging two-year honors program offered to highly motivated students. Established in 1978, the program provides an integrated, interdisciplinary, multi-cultural approach needed by students to actively take part in their communities and a complex global universe.

The Humanities Program is a rigorous cross-disciplinary curriculum that integrates literature, history, theology, and art history. Humanities courses are given honors weight. Access to the program is competitive.

The mission of the Salpointe Catholic High School Humanities Program is to challenge students:

  • to understand and appreciate the interrelated knowledge of the humanities, human culture and the Judeo-Christian tradition
  • to commit to the Carmelite tradition of a life of justice and service to others.
  • to wrestle with the enduring questions about and the complex interconnections between the arts, social structures, and history.
  • to become lifelong learners—thinking, writing, and communicating critically, collaborating cooperatively, evaluating alternatives thoughtfully, and making decisions ethically and morally.
  • to participate as informed citizens in the American democratic process, evaluating their own role in, while contributing positively to both their local and global communities.
These aims inevitably incorporate reflection on and debate about the cultural, social, economic, philosophical, and political contexts implicit in works studied, thereby exposing students to a variety of such contexts, both historical and contemporary, both in the classroom and through experiential learning.

Interdisciplinary and global in scope, our courses provide students with opportunities for detailed cultural analysis in a broad historical and philosophical context.

Humanities at Salpointe

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