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The mission of the Counseling Department is to guide each student in the development and completion of an engaging and challenging academic program that will prepare the student for a successful transition to post-secondary education. The counselors are also dedicated to helping students mature in their decision-making, values clarification and interpersonal relationships. These goals are accomplished by meeting with students individually, in small groups and in classroom settings.

Students have the same counselor throughout their four years at Salpointe, allowing them to create a strong relationship that provides outstanding support and guidance. During senior year, the college counselor works with the student and senior class counselor to navigate college choices, applications and decisions. Students are also encouraged to take the initiative and cultivate a personal relationship with at least one member of the faculty with whom they can discuss any matter of academic or personal interest.

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  • College Counseling

    Salpointe Catholic High School recognizes the importance of comprehensive four-year planning for college admission. We respect and promote all types of higher education and expect our graduates to be both eligible and ready for college. Each year at least 98% of Salpointe students enroll in college upon graduation.

    Our full-time college counselor serves as the liaison between families, students and the colleges to which they apply. The college counselor meets individually with students and parents/guardians to formulate a college admissions plan, focusing on appropriate fit of institution and career interests, advises students on standardized test preparation, and demonstrates the use of the internet for college admissions research. Our goal is to be proactive in distributing college planning information to students and families through presentations and resources such as:

    • Senior College Planning Night
    • Junior College Planning Night
    • Sophomore College Planning Night
    • Freshman College Planning Night
    • Playing Athletics in College 
    • Financial Aid Night
    • Get Out-of-Town Workshops for students applying out of state
    • College Application Blitz Week
    • College Admissions newsletters and Scholarship Bulletin
    • College Planning Guides
    • Military Options in College
    More than 100 colleges from across the country and across the academic spectrum present information to the entire student body at our annual College Fair. Military representatives provide information about the academies, ROTC programs and enlistment.

    Students in all grade levels use the online service Naviance to research and track college planning. They explore career and college majors, build a resume and apply to colleges through their Naviance account.

    The Registrar provides official transcripts for the college application process. This individual ensures that each student’s academic record is accurate and complete.
  • Community of Concern Program

    Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Education and Prevention
    Salpointe’s Community of Concern is an integral part of our substance abuse prevention program. The Community of Concern brings parents/guardians, teachers and students together to work for the prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use through education and cooperation.

    Parent/teacher forums are held to provide parents/guardians and teachers with important information about teenage substance use and to improve communication between parents/guardians and the school regarding this issue. The forums also inspire parents/guardians to network among themselves. All parents/guardians are required to attend a meeting every four years. Substance abuse information is constantly evolving, and these meetings are designed to keep the community current. So you may wish to attend every couple of years to hear of potential changes in information. Students may not attend the Christmas Formal or Junior/­Senior Prom until their parents/guardians have met the Community of Concern attendance requirement.

    The LifeSkills curriculum within the Theology department educates students about the consequences of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. The school provides many after school and evening activities that promote a substance-free lifestyle.
  • Counseling and Guidance Services

    Class counselors provide academic counseling throughout the school year. They assist students in developing their four-year plan and reviewing it annually. The focus of the counseling visits changes as the student progresses through high school. Counselors also meet with students who are struggling academically to initiate plans for improvement. Students will have one individual scheduled visit with a counselor per semester. Students are encouraged to meet more frequently to discuss short-term and long-term academic goals. Students may make appointments or come in on a walk-in basis.

    • Counselors are available for personal counseling on a short-term basis. They also make referrals to outside mental health providers.
    • Each semester, class counselors work with students in groups and individually to assist them in selecting courses for the next school year. Parent information nights are part of the registration process.
    • Counselors work with students to implement summer school plans by April 30th, both for enrichment and when required.
    • Counselors assist with standardized test administration.
    • Counselors assist students in working with teachers to solve academic challenges.

Meet Our Counseling Team

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  • Photo of Michael Urbanski '66

    Michael Urbanski '66 

    Assistant Principal for Wellness and Counseling
  • Photo of Tim McGann

    Tim McGann 

    Class of 2024 Counselor
  • Photo of Lupita Gomez

    Lupita Gomez 

    Class of 2025 Counselor
  • Photo of Michelle Markle

    Michelle Markle 

    Class of 2026 Counselor
  • Photo of Wendy Corrales

    Wendy Corrales 96

    Class of 2027 Counselor
  • Photo of Tara McCall

    Tara McCall 

    College Counselor

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