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Salpointe offers a wide rage of programs, activities and services to meet the educational, cultural, social, spiritual and recreational needs of the Salpointe student. Co-curricular activities help prepare a student for a healthy and active life in high school and beyond. The following are a sampling of co-curricular opportunities available at Salpointe (click the club name to learn more about it):

Clubs & Activities

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  • Academic Decathlon

    Zenaida Ahumanda, Moderator
  • Advocate for Us All (AforA)

    Advocate for Us All: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (AforA)

    Alma Mejia-Carcia and Brian Holstrom, Moderators and

    Our club seeks to foster a community that celebrates our common humanity and embraces diversity, equit, and inclusion. In sharing space, time and effort, we aim to promote the following:

    - Changes in school culture and curriculum to honor diversity, equity and inclusion

    - Amplifying voices, especially those of marginalized people 

    - Civil discourse and dialogue. Sharing and honoring one another’s perspectives
  • Art Club

    Betina Fink and Lisa Krikawa,  Moderators

    The Salpointe Art Club is a place where all students can come and relax. It's a break from any challenges going on in students' lives and it provides a safe place for them to hang out and express themselves in any creative way they choose. We meet biweekly, with fun activities planned such as painting, sketching, creating and more. We also have a service project that we work on every semester, with a goal to use art in a way to improve and put a smile on the faces of the Salpointe community. In this club all are welcome and we strive to create a place that is friendly and fun for all.
  • Book Club

    Shelly Eutizi, Moderator

    Some read obsessively, some read to pass the time and some join to motivate themselves to pick up a book. Whatever the reason may be, Book Club members meet every other Friday in the library to discuss the book of choice. Sometimes it's to write a review, to meet an author, to evaluate the story, or sometimes it’s just to talk. In addition, the club members plan to attend the Tucson Festival of Books and participate in Young Adult Choices through the International Literacy Association, which allows the club to read books that have yet to be published, and evaluate them. Whatever the club does, the goal remains the same- discover and enjoy new literature, and spread our love of reading.
  • Crochet Club

    Melody Hyland, Moderator
  • DND

    Katherine DiChristofano, Moderator
  • Earth Club

    Christopher James and Cindy Sorrenson, Moderators

    Join the Earth Club to learn about all the ways Salpointe is working to make our planet a more sustainable place to live! Check out this video from Mr. James to learn more about the many opportunities available to Earth Club members.
  • Hispanic Heritage Society

    Alma Mejia Garcia, Natalia Owens, Zenaida Ahumada, Moderators
  • Key Club

    Elena Malovich, Moderator
  • Kindness Club

    Lupita Gomez, Moderator

    The KINDNESS Club meets regularly and encourages all students to attend. Join us and see why we can never spread enough Kindness on our campus or community. Please see Mrs. Gómez in the Student Center if you have any questions.
  • Kino Teens Club

    Kate McGarey-Vasey, Moderator
    Room 409

    The Kino Teens Club enhances the Salpointe mission statement by contributing to the holistic education by affirming the dignity of individuals and encouraging faith and commitment to service and developing awareness of the world community. In Kino Teens we will practice responsibility for the well-being of others by respecting the moral dignity of all the people we encounter. We plan to visit KBI Comedor (soup kitchen) four times a year to help serve food to the deportees in Nogales, Arizona. We help set tables, serve food, clean up and speak to the immigrants about their experiences going across the border both ways. We work with Catholic Community Services to find and help Dreamers gather their documents to apply for citizenship so they can have everything ready when they are asked for it. We help them put together an envelope with all the important documents. Click here for a video with more information about Kino Teens.
  • Lancer Legion

    Clare Lechuga, Moderator

    Lancer Legion, Salpointe's student section, attends many sporting events and cheers on the Lancers. All students are encouraged to take part in Lancer Legion to give Salpointe the strongest home field advantage in Southern Arizona.
  • Medical Club

    Michele LaVetter, Moderator

    The medical club is for students with goals of becoming part of the medical community. We will learn about the body and how it works, CPR training, suturing, visit hospitals, and host guest speakers from the healthcare community. Meets Thursdays after school in the old cafeteria.
  • Model UN

    Nick Sitzman, Moderator

    The primary purpose of the Model United Nations Club, is to provide students with exposure to the complex world of global politics. Students simulate their role as delegates to the United Nations from a particular nation and serving as representatives of that country’s policies. The club participates in a Model United Nations Conferences at the University of Arizona in the spring. Click here for a video from Mr. Sitzman to learn more about Model UN.
  • National Honor Society

    David Garwacki and Marco Enriquez, Moderators

    The Salpointe Chapter of the National Honor Society is comprised of a group of students selected for their exceptional academics, service, character and leadership. Juniors must have a 3.8 GPA and seniors must have a 3.7 GPA to be eligible for membership. National Honor Society is a service oriented society dedicated to tutoring other students at Salpointe as well as offering service in other areas of need in the community. Click HERE for the National Honor Society Official Handbook.
  • Open Hearts Club

    Wendy Corrales, Moderator
  • Outdoor Adventure Club

    Neil Diamente, Moderator
  • Racing The Sun Club

    Cecilia Gossler, Moderator

    The purpose of our Salpointe Catholic High School Engineering club is to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics among high school students. Participation in our club is an exciting experience for anyone interested in robotics, engineering, technology, machining, design, microcomputers, electronic and breadboarding.
  • Salpointe Ambassador Leaders

    Michael Fisher, Moderator

    The Salpointe Ambassador Leaders are a team of students that link current students with administration, alumni, foundation members and the community. The student ambassadors work on the following: promoting the campus' educational and leadership opportunities, personalizing the campus and traditions for prospective students, alumni, foundation members and surrounding community. Ambassadors also bring the face of this institution into the surrounding community through the promotion of events, programs, fundraising, school recruitment and community outreach. Click here to view a YouTube video featuring members of SAL.
  • Student Council

    Clare Sullivan Lechuga, Moderator

    Student Council consists of elected officers and members at large from the sophomore, junior and senior classes. Student Council members are recognized leaders on campus; responsible for representing the Salpointe mission statement and serving as a conduit of information between teachers, administrators and the students. They oversee all student activities with an emphasis on promoting school spirit and a sense of community. Special activities include pep and recognition assemblies, dances, homecoming, freshman/transfer orientation, prom and Christmas formal. To be eligible for election, students must be in good standing, maintain a 2.7 cumulative GPA and have received no “U”s in citizenship the preceding semester.
  • Sports Med Club

    Elyse Abbott, Moderator

    Helping Salpointe’s student athletes is a great way to learn about sports medicine and athletic training. Students learn anatomy, taping techniques, basic first aid and injury treatment and recognition, as well as getting an up-close look at Salpointe athletics.
  • Thespian Club

    Ericka Quintero, Moderator

    Thespian Society Troupe #5370 is Salpointe’s officially chartered drama club. The students receive most of their drama awards and recognition by earning membership in the I.T.S. Click here for a video to learn more about our Thespian Club.

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  • Photo of Clare Lechuga

    Clare Lechuga 00

    Director of Student Activities

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