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Kairos Leadership
If you are interested in being considered for Kairos leadership for the 2023 - 2024 Academic Year please answer the questions on this link:

Kairos Leadership Reflection Questions

Once you have completed your Reflection Questions you must share your answers with our Campus Ministry department via cparsons@salpointe.org.

Keep these things in mind when applying:
  • You must have already attended Kairos to be considered for leadership.
  • Student-athletes will not be considered for leadership during the season of their sport. The commitment to your team is the priority.
  • Seniors currently enrolled in AP classes must have permission from their AP teachers to apply for Kairos Leadership.
  • Any students that are called before the Discipline Board or commit a serious offense against the policies of Salpointe during their senior year will not be considered for leadership. This applies regardless of whether the offense occurred before or after the student’s Kairos Retreat.
  • Grade checks will be conducted.
Please remember that for every student who is selected, there are another five good applicants who did not get picked. If you are not selected as a Kairos Peer leader for a particular Kairos retreat, you have many other opportunities to utilize your gifts. We need you to stay involved in all Kairos and (spiritual) activities!

Salpointe "Wheat" Team Leaders
Wheat Team Leaders are students who have attended Kairos before and stay at home to “harvest” while the retreat is happening. They are a critical part of the home events during the retreat week.

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Phillip Becker

    Phillip Becker 

    Director of Campus Ministry
  • Photo of Cecilia Acosta

    Cecilia Acosta 

    Administrative Assistant to Campus Ministry
    520-547-9392 Ext. 6024
  • Photo of Scott Pickett

    Scott Pickett 

    Campus Minister
  • Photo of Stephen Halper

    Stephen Halper 57

    Assistant to Campus Ministry

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