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The Office of the Deans is located in the Student Services Center. It is open daily throughout the school year from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Deans assist the students, faculty and administration with issues related to student behavioral expectations and conduct.

If a student has a behavorial issue that is referred to one of the Deans, parents/guardians will be notified. If a student receives a minor infraction from a teacher, parents will receive a notice via myPointe.

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  • Party Tips for Parents

    If the party is at your home:
    • Before the party, set the ground rules. Your children need to know what you expect.
    • Limit attendance. Don’t allow “open” or “flash” parties to occur.
    • Designate the “off-limits” rooms in your house.
    • Know your legal responsibilities. Share this information with your child. 
    (It is illegal for an adult to provide alcohol to anyone under 21.  It is a class 1 misdemeanor – maximum penalty is 6 months in jail and $2500 fine.  It is illegal for an adult to knowingly allow alcohol to be consumed by anyone under 21 – even in their own home. It is a class 1 misdemeanor – maximum penalty is 6 months in jail and $2500 fine.)
    • Remove any family liquor from areas where underage people will be.
    • Set a time for guests to leave.
    • Invite other adults to help chaperone.

    During the party:
    • Be present and visible. Greet guests as they arrive.
    • If using the Alcohol Sensors, check every young person as they enter the party.
    • If someone arrives at the party and has been drinking, immediately call his/her parents. Do not allow the young person to leave the party until parents have arrived to pick him/her up.
    • Occasionally check on food and soda and monitor your yard and driveway.
    • Don’t be pressured into staying out of sight.
    • Prohibit smoking.
    • If someone is found to be drinking or using other drugs during the party, immediately call his/her parents. Do not let allow the young person to leave until parents have arrived to pick him/her up.
    • Be sure that guests do not leave and then return to the party.
    • Backpacks and coats must be left at the door.  Consider checking the contents of the backpacks.
    • Cups, open cans/bottles (including water bottles) cannot be brought into the party.
    • Call police if unwanted guests refuse to leave.
    • Never allow anyone to drive whom you suspect to be under the influence.

    If the party is somewhere else:
    • Call the host parents to be sure that a parent will be present and visible and that no alcohol will be allowed.
    • Know how your child will get to and from the party.
    • Make sure that you can be reached if your child wants to leave early. 
    • Be awake for your child’s return or have him/her awaken you.
    • Do not allow sleepovers.
    • Establish firm, clear rules against drinking and/or driving under the influence. Be clear about riding with someone who has been drinking or using drugs.
    • Provide your child with cab fare and cab number, or set up the Uber or other rideshare app, on their smartphone in case he/she is in a situation where there is no other safe way to get home.
    Try not to leave your child home alone while you are out of town.  Word spreads quickly that a home is unchaperoned. If you must leave your child unsupervised for an evening or a weekend:
    • Tell a neighbor and relative about your scheduled absence.
    • Do not allow your child to have “just a few” friends over to keep them company.
    • Be clear with your child about your rules and expectations.
    • Make sure that your child knows how to reach you and has other local emergency numbers.

Meet Our Deans Office

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    Alex Hinrichsen 

    Dean of Men
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    Jessica Caballero-Welchert 09

    Dean of Women
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