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When Jesus finished washing the feet of his disciples, he returned to his place and addressed them … “Do you understand what I have done for you? … I have set you an example … As I have done, you must do the same.” 

The Service Program at Salpointe Catholic is part of our holistic approach to education and reflects an important element within the Carmelite charisms.  As we pray and come together to form a community, we are called to follow the example provided by Jesus.  We are called to serve.  

Being of service is part of our call and provides benefits to those served.  There is another benefit that reflects the Divine DNA built into creation.  We are meant to be in “relationship” and service provides an opportunity to be a caring connection to others.  Not only is service a blessing for the recipient, it also benefits those serving. Medical/emotional studies have shown that volunteering decreases risk of depression, reduces stress, and develops the ability to relate with others.  Service broadens perspective, requiring students to go places and do things outside of their normal daily life. More importantly, quality service requires reflection, developing decision making, empathy, leadership and critical thinking skills. 

Service is a virtue. A key aspect of any virtue is the free choice of an individual to act. Virtue can never be legislated. Sometimes, though, it takes a little bit of motivation for individuals to recognize the value in an act. Therefore, students are required to complete 10 (ten) hours of service each year. Students should complete 40 (forty) hours of service over four years. Most students will go beyond the 10 hours per year and well past the requirement of 40 hours during their four years at Salpointe.  As we recognize students for high academic, athletic, and/or other extracurricular achievements, so will students who consistently reflect this charism of service in reaching out to others.
"We were truly amazed at the teamwork and respect the students showed! They are so kind and respectful. I know from experience that Salpointe is making a huge difference in these young people’s lives. I see firsthand that Salpointe is developing a whole person academically, athletically and spiritually." ~Jennifer Miller, Hunter's Patrol Project

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