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Salpointe Catholic High School is Christ-centered, inspired by the Spirit and guided by the Carmelite tradition of education in a context of prayer, community and service. The learning environment is shaped by faculty and staff dedicated to exemplifying and teaching a life-long commitment to spiritual growth.

Salpointe honors the Carmelite charism of prayer in the daily life of our community. We begin every morning and end school every afternoon with prayer as well at the beginning of each class period.

Salpointe´s Campus Ministry program is rooted in Carmelite beliefs, traditions and values and strives to guide students in their faith during their tenure at Salpointe through IMPACT, service learning and Kairos retreats.

"What a comfort it is, this way of love! You may stumble on it, you may fail to correspond with grace given, but always love knows how to make the best of everything; whatever offends our Lord is burnt up in its fire, and nothing is left but a humble, absorbing peace deep down in the heart." (Story of a Soul, Ms. A., Knox translation).

The Campus Ministry Department is responsible for school masses, spiritual retreats, service learning, sacramental preparation and much more.
Did You Know?

That every student must take eight semesters of theology classes? It is a mandated requirement by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework that students take these eight semesters.

75% of Salpointe is Catholic, however, it is not a requirement for admission.

Salpointe offers daily morning mass celebrated in the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Chapel and led by Fr. Manu Franco-Gomez O.Carm., our school chaplain.

There have been over 265 Kairos retreats. The retreats started in the 1970s after Salpointe students traveled to Crespi Carmelite High School in California to experience and bring back to Salpointe this spiritual encounter with Christ called Kairos.

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  • Kairos

    This God-centered, four-day retreat focuses on spirituality and selflessness while stressing the importance of being kind and giving yourself up to God. The Kairos retreat is open to juniors during spring semester and seniors during their fall semester.

    During the retreat, students reflect upon their relationship with God, family and friends. All students are highly encouraged by the Salpointe community to take advantage of this scripture-based, growth experience.
  • Service Learning

    At Salpointe, community service is a way of life. Service learning is integrated throughout the curriculum freshman through senior years, and students, faculty and staff alike participate in community service projects such as the school-wide IMPACT program.
  • Liturgies

    Campus Ministry prepares monthly spiritual celebrations, including all-school masses. Mass is celebrated at 7:40 each morning in the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chapel. Students as well as all members of our Salpointe community are invited to participate with the Carmelites at mass.
  • Sacramental Preparation

    Campus Ministry can help connect students with their home parishes in order to prepare for reception of the Sacraments. Please keep in mind that most Parish programs for teens start towards the beginning of the Fall Semester and have their own specific requirements.
  • LifeSkills

    Salpointe’s LifeSkills program is based on Pope Saint John Paul II’s teachings of Theology of the Body and is designed to work in communion with the school’s Philosophy/Mission Statement, learning outcomes and the Carmelite charism of prayer, community and service. Students learn to apply the LISTEN model for moral decision-making as part of each LifeSkill unit. Research shows that if young people have made a decision about a risky behavior before encountering the risky behavior, they are more likely to make better decisions. The LifeSkills program is based in our Theology Department and is integrated across the curriculum.
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While never required for a prayer or mass intentions request, your generous donations to Salpointe Catholic's Campus Ministry Department makes an impact on the lives of Lancers today and tomorrow. Please consider donating today using the form below or by contacting Lisa Astrouski, Director of Campus Ministry, at

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