What Will Your Legacy Be? Join the Carmelite Circle.

Your will says a lot about your values, passions and hopes for the future. Legacy giving ensures that your values will live on long after your lifetime.  

Salpointe’s legacy donors are members of the Carmelite Circle, a group of benefactors who have chosen to participate in Salpointe’s charitable bequest program. Carmelite Circle members have arranged a future gift to the school through a bequest in their will or living trust, charitable remainder trust, gift annuity, lead trust or through a life insurance policy designating Salpointe as a beneficiary.

Legacy gifts empower Salpointe to carry on its sacred work of providing a holistic education that fosters faith, develops servant leaders and prepares students for a successful future. Please consider joining the Carmelite Circle by including Salpointe in your will/estate plans. By leaving this powerful legacy, there is no end to the good you can do!

Next Steps
  1. Contact Theresa Marquart, Manager of Parent Relations, Special Events and Planned Giving at (520) 547-5900 or tmarquart@salpointe.org for additional information on legacy giving at Salpointe.
  2. Seek the guidance of a professional. Click here for more information. 
  3. If you include Salpointe in your will/estate plans, please use our legal name and federal tax ID: Salpointe Catholic High School, 86-0705131.

If you have included Salpointe in your will/estate plans, but have not previously informed the school, please let us know! Per your wishes and intentions, we would like to recognize you!


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  • Why I Included Salpointe in My Legacy Planning - Joseph Kristofl '85

    “I’ll make it short: I’ve left a legacy for this little guy (Maximilian Kolbe Kristofl) and all his little buddies and their future little buddies.” -Joseph Kristofl, Class of 1985
  • Why I Included Salpointe in My Legacy Planning - Merideth Bliss, past parent

    “I decided to leave Salpointe Catholic in my legacy planning because the Salpointe community supported me at a time when I was going through a divorce and felt like my sons, Wilson and Corbin Troxel, and I needed more than what I presumed the anonymity of the public school system would offer us. I loved the emphasis on sports, academics, community and faith that the Salpointe experience provided. The purpose for which I am leaving this money is to help single parents (both mothers and fathers) provide a quality education for their children. I would like the recipient(s) to know that I was not a rich woman. That great wealth is not necessary to provide assistance to children and families. I would like them to consider this gift, and what it has made available to them, an investment in their future, Salpointe’s future and the future of our society. I would like them to consider giving in a similar way when they can.” -Merideth Bliss, past parent

For More Information About the Carmelite Circle:

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  • Photo of Theresa Mansour Marquart

    Theresa Mansour Marquart 86

    Manager of Parent Relations, Events and Planned Giving
    • Carmelite Circle

Carmelite Circle Members

John & Anita Almond
Michael Bennett†
Therese Velasco Berg†
Merideth J. Bliss
George T. Callahan '54†
David S. Chauvin '66†
Phyllis† & Robert Curry†
Dr. Michael P. Falvey '65†
Marguerite G. Dufaud†
Frank A. Gartland '68
Mickey '68 & Melissa† Ginn
Robert† & Katherine† Gordon
Donald R. Griess '64
Jacquie & F. Hugh Grinnell '57
Shirley Gundersen†
JoAnn† & Ronald G. '65† Hafner
Carl E. Haider†
Doris Bergen Hall†
Michael Hannley
Msgr. Don H. Hughes†
Margaret Ann Glover Jarry '88
Burt & Nancy Kinerk
Elizabeth H. Kirk†
Mary N. Knoebel†
Mary Ann Korzan†
Allison & Joseph Kristofl '85
Joanne La Salvia†
Bob & Lori Lepore
Bob '75 & Judy Horwitz Logan '73
Randy Lyle & Carol Romero '80
Msgr. John P. Lyons '65
Joan C. MacDonald†
Jeanette Witz Mallinger†
Susan & John McQuown '61
Amy & Joseph Mesenburg†
Ernie Minchella '58
Ramon & Monica Vega Munoz '84
Marjorie O’Connell†
Patricia Ann Dowdle Otten '60†
Henry & Barbara Peck
Terry & Denise Plaza
Ruth Richardson†
William & Mary Ross†
Kathy Rother '73
Nancy R. Roy†
Nik & Gina Scherer
Jane H. Schiltz†
Joseph John Schissler†
Patrick W. Sniezek '82
Brooke Somer Tapp
Mary Louise Spaulding†
Jerrold & Lois Becher Swain '67
John Paul '79 & Anna Rigoli '80 Vyborny
Mary Josephine Williams†
Ruby Louise Miller Wolf†
Alex Wright
Myrtle J. Zellner†

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