Latin Teacher to Publish Workbook on St. Augustine's Confessions

Salpointe's Latin teacher, Bernard Carrington, is publishing a Latin workbook on Saint Augustine. 
"The workbook uses a selection of texts from St. Augustine's Confessions," explains Mr. Carrington, "which is nothing less than the first autobiography ever written in the Western world." 

In his Confessions, St. Augustine makes an account of his struggles as an individual, with others, and in his relationship to God. As a student, St. Augustine himself read the same Latin literature that is still a part of modern curriculums today. In the writings of his own spiritual journey, St. Augustine denounces the outdated morality in the pagan Latin literature of Virgil.

In contrast to widely available Latin texts, St. Augustine's Confessions discusses moral issues and is then able to resolve them through spiritual dialogue. Students in Mr. Carrington's Latin classes now engage in moral discussions that integrate spirituality and religion. The call for Christian love that is conveyed in Latin Christian literature is nurturing the faith development of our students.
Mr. Carrington has previously developed workbooks on Caesar and Virgil. He plans to continue expanding his work on St. Augustine.
The cover of the workbook will feature a photo taken by student Charlie Leon ’18. The photo features a bronze statue at St. Augustine’s Cathedral in Tucson.

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